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Vinland Saga

Valid point. I do laugh at times hearing a Japanese accent to a Danish or Icelandic phrase. That said, I suppose as popularity grows the series could see improvements to the dub. I still find the series interesting for what an Anime usually provides. Simple storytelling but impactful. Plus I love seeing real life people being made Ani-mu-fied lol! If only Drifters could be this good....
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We will certainly get that by what glimpses of the manga I have seen. https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/458/237/feb.jpg
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Thanks for the boost, but next time no telemarketing calls! I hate getting those on my phone much less over the internet haha!
The waiting game for new seasons... *yawn*
Still waiting... https://s1.econotimes.com/assets/uploads/20190927493cc72e22a6a15dd_th_1024x0.jpg
@gabriel_a_true We don't have much longer to wait! Comes out on the 9th. I just wish it had stayed on Amazon so I didn't have to keep renewing my Netflix. I'd intended to let it run out after JoJo, but I guess I'll keep my subscription for now. https://youtu.be/Ph50sNkApVM
Jan 17, 23 at 4:22pm
I thought the first season of Vinland saga was mediocre/average at best. I like to give anime second chances though. The second season better be fire. Otherwise I'm dropping this shit. I felt the same way for My Hero Academia. First season was high key kinda trash. Deku is such a cliche character. A goody lil two-shoes. That's how deep Deku is. Gee, haven't seen those type of characters in literally almost every story ever told. Boooorring! Good thing I like some of the other characters and the fights are pretty good. But that's beside the point. That's another anime Lol
My issue with vinland saga was the first half was fire. 2nd half was pretty snoozefest
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