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The Common Argument: Dub vs Sub


Proof dub is greater than sub.


"the southern milky way... if this continues, soon it will be the northern milky way." XD that shit had me dying... XD

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^^ :3


Just listen to that voice acting


Subs all the way. Japanese is fun to learn too.


I tend to watch the most anime when I am at the gym, so Dub lets me watch without having to stare at the screen for long periods to read. I do also prefer it at home if I am watching soI can multitask, so dub is usually the way to go for me. Voice acting has never bothered me one way or the other, good or bad I dont mind. Just easy going on that I suppose.


Cop Craft has crawled its way into my no. 2 spot for greatest dub ever.

Episode 6 is one of the greatest works in anime I've ever seen.


I started rewatching One Punch Man but this time Dubbed. I honestly think the OG is better. Dubbed is ... meh.


Think it really depends on the anime, even on the individual character. I watch both sub and dub, so what I usually do is open up the first episode of both, skip to a couple of timestamps, and compare the voices. Especially in more recent anime, the dubs are often enough on par with the sub, or just somewhat worse, but not a whole lot. Occasionally you even find a dub that is just nicer than the sub (though that's most often cause the Japanese voice acting is kinda bad in those).

In truth, dub has improved over the past 5+ years or so where it is alright, if not good, though, in general, it will always be less than the original Japanese voice acting. There are times where you should probably never even try dubbed. Mainly when you watch seasonal or with certain genres like slice of life, where the Japanese voice acting is just part of the experience. But similarly, there are some situations in which dub has a step up. Such as anime in which the main focus is action scenes, cause it's especially nice in these that you don't have to do any reading. But also in dialogue-heavy anime, at least when you're a slow reader, cause nothing ruins the experience more than having to pause or skip a couple of frames back cause you couldn't read everything in time, or when you miss half the plot cause subtitles go brrrrr.

Moral of the story, learn Japanese and watch raw

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