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Anime you never could get into yet the opening is insanely catchy


i finished durarara season 1 and a bit of season 2, so i guess i kinda got into it? but i couldnt finish it, it was just too complicated and not good enough to stay invested in to keep up with it

buuutttt i love the op is rocking


I agree with you on Durarara! I only could finish season 1 and I just couldn't find myself watching any more afterwards. The only entertaining parts for me of that anime was those insane ridiculous battles between Shizuo and Izaya. Celty was cool though, but that's pretty much it.


^ yup izaya and shizuo were the only reasons to watch xD


uff durarara is srsly way too mixed up story and random things happening and complicated af... i kinda got thru s2 should i watch s3 tho =w=


gl on it >w>/ completionism is onlyism

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