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Anime Adaptations You’re Most Excited For


what studio would you want to pick up chainsawman or jk? personally i want madhouse and no one else (maybe trigger)

ty, i have a few others saved but theyr webm sadly

could post the links if you were curious to see them though

heres a recent one

for chainsawman because its fujimotos first anime i think he would be really hands on with it, and because its super popular its likely it will get one

off topic but sad fact about chainsaw man is fujimoto said in a recent interview he doesnt plan on making it too much over 100 pages

not too surprising seeing that he mostly makes one shots


Both would feel right at home being animated by Madhouse. Or maybe Bones if they would like a break from Boku no Hero one day (which is unfortunately unlikely).

Thanks, that last gif is a clean animation of the Katana Devil. It only makes me want an anime more. Haha

That is fair. Sometimes not everyone would want to milk their own works too long. Some would be lucky to have the drive for making hundreds of chapters. Look at Kubo, he decided to end things if only due to his health issues other than the usual declining sales and Jump's bias against Bleach.


im still bitter at bones for doing a terrible job with one punch season two xD

yeah, i just hope we get that enoshima chapter before its over (kek what if the enoshima chapter is gonna be the whole "theatre" theme of fire punch)


Prt 6


Cant wait to see whats going to happen since tower of god was so popular. Might get a whole bunch of new web series that are made into anime which is going to be cool.
O but i cant wait for Komi can't communicate to come out with an anime, the manga is still pretty new but I think itll be popular, and i hear there is a pretty good chance itll happen sometime soonish.


think the next most interesting manhwa is gonna be god of highschool...filled with TOURNAMENT ARCS XD

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