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Your favorite anime that pre-date the 90’s?


Fist of the North Star
Dr Slump
Dragon Ball
Saint Seiya
Astro Boy


Legend of the Galactic Heroes
The Rose of Versailles
Hokuto no Ken
MSG: 0079
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Dragon Ball

Ashita no Joe was alright but I wasn't too big a fan. I watched Hajime no Ippo first so that might be why.


Damn, I forgotten about Ippo. For me, best sports anime easily and not just because of the characters.


arent dr.slump and dbz 90s animes?

anyways, uh

i guess dororo? havent finished it though, its kinda cringy


When I say Dr Slump, I meant the first anime Dr Slump & Arale-Chan.

Not very fond of the 90s remake.


Dragon Ball (with kid Goku) spanned from 86-89, the sequel (DBZ) started right after in 89 but most of it spanned through the 90s so I'd consider that one a 90s anime yea.

Hajime no Ippo started airing in the early 2000s so it's definitely not pre 90s, still an awesome show though and I agree with it being the best sports anime.


Hokuto no Ken. It shows how much Japan loves Bruce Lee and Australia as well as inspiring Road Blaster laserdisc game and Double Dragon series. I might like others.


Battle tech and gundam are the only anime I watched in the 90s Because my dad was into them xD


My favorite is Ranma 1/2

Honorary Mentions:
-Saint Seiya
-Captain Tsubasa
-Ghost Sweeper Mikami


ranma 1/2
glass no kamen (the plot gets really good but I didn't like the way they ended it...still loved the show till that ending)
touch (miyuki, hiatari ryokou these 2 not as good as touch but still okay plot)
yawara ! (ughh the frustration in the drama here)
wanted to mention
'slam dunk' ..'.yuu yuu hakushou' but they are arround 92 I think...

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