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Favorite Miyazaki Film and Why?

Feb 06, 19 at 6:23pm

I've watched all the Miyazaki films, but Spirited Away is still probably one of my favorite, albeit probably because it was the one I saw when I was younger and so I hold it with more sentimentality. But I still always enjoy Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, and Omoide no Marnie

Feb 06, 19 at 6:29pm

My favs in order...

(only counting the full length films Miyazaki directed)

1. Spirited Away
2. My Neighbor Totoro
3. Castle in the Sky
4. The Wind Rises
5. Kiki's Delivery Service
6. Princess Mononoke
7. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
8. Howl's Moving Castle
9. Ponyo
10. Castle of Cagliostro
11. Porco Rosso

Joe Hisaishi should get almost as much credit as Miyazaki for composing all the soundtracks...

The 11 films I listed are the only feature length movies Miyazaki directed (and wrote). He only wrote the scripts for Whisper of the Heart, Arietty, and From Up On Poppy Hill. He didn't direct or write any other feature length films

Feb 06, 19 at 7:11pm

Ya sometime people say "miyazaki films" but he doesn't get credit for everything Ghibli has done, he's probably their biggest asset tho ^^

Castle in the Sky is my top 3 along with Princess and Spirited Away. It's so wholesome and thrilling, with a hint of magic that is responsible for the whole movie. It's sad too but not sobbingly so, it's so classic and timeless.

Chocopyro nailed it with the not preachy on Princess! I had some friends who thought who said it was pro-nature and "humans are jerk" but it isn't! They show you Ashitaka trying to be neutral and getting caught up in other people's conflicts, then he's told to see with eyes unclouded by hate (those kind of dialogues give me chills, I live for them, it's like "you never really forget people you've met, some it just takes more time to remember" from spirited away). Ashitaka is the perspective they want you to watch the movie from, so he talks to people, get a good view of both sides, tries to avoid conflict but it's always inevitable. Humans need to take from nature, but exaggerate and destroy it, you see most of them are just good honest people just trying to live. Animals are attacked and their environment is destroyed so they retaliate but it becomes hate and they want to exterminate their enemies. There are many different groups of humans and animals so not all humans think the same and vice versa, and you're behind the eyes of Ashitaka, unclouded by hate. This is just scratching the surface and not getting into details but basically every side has good and bad in them.

Feb 06, 19 at 8:12pm

Spirited Away is my favorite for sure. I watched it every day for about a month as a teen. Multiple times a day. I cried at the end every time. It still gives me the feels like...15 years later! I even wrote a one shot fanfic back in the day. The music, the story, the poignant train scene... When I first watched it, I really needed an escape from the world and watching Chihiro experiencing a new one did that for me. *happy sigh* My official ranking is:

1.) Spirited Away
2.) Howl's Moving Castle
3.) Kiki's Delivery Service
4.) Castle in the Sky

I'm undecided about number 5.

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