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Goblin Slayer

Oct 16, 18 at 12:48pm

I think it's a bit of both to be honest, and yes I understand why some people are bothered by it. Also Crunchyroll screwed up advertising it as PG (also not including a warning label of sorts) which mislead some viewers into thinking it was a light hearted fantasy anime.

The only problem I have with the outrage are the people who are reading way too much into it and grasping for straws, blowing things out of proportion and it just begins to look ridiculous to the point of making me laugh a bit. Violence and such themes aren't new to anime as others before me have stated.

Wes commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 16, 18 at 12:50pm

well, i’m pretty sure we all agree that the actual voilence was mild compared to some others.

i didn’t say there weren’t equally violent or more violent anime in the past. I was more referring to people’s reactions.

The way I see it, people are getting mad at people for crying during a sad scene, or laughing at something funny.

If the author writes a scene to solicit a reaction. Why get upset about it when people have that reaction?

People don’t have to be as desensitized as you. They are allowed to have their opinions.

I don’t see anyone getting angry because it doesn’t bother some people.

Baka commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 16, 18 at 1:10pm

Berserk was having chicks raped and tortured with more gruesome stuff way before this, only this is in the growing Democrat safe space 2018!!! So... ignore the sensitive kids crying instead of trying to grow up... lotta people gonna cry about it and when shield hero becomes an anime tons of incels gonna OVERHYPE IT cause “false rape claims ruin people!!!”.

Welcome to the future. Thanks Obama

. commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 16, 18 at 1:25pm
This account has been suspended.
Wes commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 16, 18 at 1:30pm

I got no beef letting my nieces and nephews watch an anime guy get his arms ripped off or cut in half. They love anything scary. But I can’t let them watch when there’s sexual content.

We put warnings on it that say MA Tv sexual content, viewer discretion is advised. Anime doesn’t come with those warnings.

I’m not up in arms about it. I had a typical reaction. My earlier complaint was for younger kids sake.

Oct 16, 18 at 2:19pm

Oct 16, 18 at 2:20pm

jodokon commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 16, 18 at 3:00pm

Wes commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 16, 18 at 3:51pm

I don’t disagree, people are blowing it out of proportion. And you’re absolutely right, there’s way worse anime out there.

Just a thought... Even though this anime has gotten a lot of negative publicity, all this attention is only going to increase the number of viewers.

And you know the people complaining are still going to keep watching.

Wes commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 16, 18 at 5:18pm

if you’re interested in some gory anime violence, “Aru Zombie Shoujo no Sainan” from last season. That’ one’s definitely rated MA.

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