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Goblin Slayer

Oct 07, 18 at 12:12am

Your thoughts so far?
(No Spoilers)
*Feel free to post memes too if you want to

I've only read the Manga but not the LN, and I gotta say it looks amazing and well done (so far for the 1st Episode). The CG is used well (unlike Berserk [2016-17]) and while there are some things missing, I've enjoyed it and looking forward to seeing more of it.

Whisp commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 07, 18 at 12:46am

Somehow I don't remember seeing CG, so I guess it was used well lol

Oct 07, 18 at 12:49am

Its subtle, lol

Whisp commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 07, 18 at 1:01am

I think I'll check the episode again later just to spot the cgi

Also I have to add that I haven't read the manga, but I've heard good things about it, so I'm looking forward for the rest.

Lynes commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 07, 18 at 9:32am

I also read the manga and loved it!
I've watched the anime episode 1 and it sure was a very dark start xD. I was also very surprised with a Voice Actor of goblin slayer(very deep)! I find animation was smooth and loved the action sequence. Overall, gave me the feel of serious and dark so far. Can't wait~ I might just reread the manga again...

CAC commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 07, 18 at 10:42am

I have not read the manga but I really liked ep1!

elhaym commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 08, 18 at 2:30pm

I've watched the first episode right now and wow - that was really good (and bloody, what reminds me on the first episode of muv-luv). The voice of Goblin Slayer fits perfectly! But sadly, I must wait for the next episode :c

Oct 09, 18 at 5:24am

Im gonna read the first few chapters before watch the anime both look really appealing ^^

正体不明 commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 09, 18 at 5:34am
This account has been suspended.
Oct 09, 18 at 5:42am

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