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Goblin Slayer

Lamby commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 13, 18 at 2:18pm

*read 5 chapters in*

im so sick of the rpg trend, its worse than moe (not that theres anything wrong with moe)

this is rather refreshing because of the dark, almost realistic themes

thats also what made re:zero (trash anime) watchable, the dark themes and the subversion of "the mc always wins and never seriously gets hurt"

although the word "goblin" comes up way too much >W>


I still don't even know why people are outraged by this of all things, this literally must be baby's first dark fantasy anime/manga for them. There's definitely a ton of more stuff they that came out decades earlier that would cause these people who are outraged by this to straight up have an aneurysm. :u

Oct 13, 18 at 3:12pm

I agree completely, its like wtf where were you (the outraged people) when this other stuff came out. I'm just baffled by it (to a degree)

Oct 13, 18 at 3:46pm

"MC always wins and never gets hurt" since when? He literally goes insane due to all the shit he is put through and he ia fighting internally cuz he is the only one aware of it. There was some beautiful character development in Re:zero which is more than i can say about half of the anime in its genre. Ofc he wins in the end...if he didnt there wouldnt be a story to tell if he dies 3 episodes in. At least they dont show the same thing every time he dies.

For example SwOrD aRt OnLiNe where kirito ends up as some strong lone wolf in the beginning of season one and all of the sudden needs asuna's help by the end.

Anime like these are good cuz it doesnt spit the generic bs we see between anime like log horizon, sword art online, how not to summon a demon lord, overlord etc. Where everything is well in the world and everyone is some strong op character who never has anything go wrong and its all happy and fun times

Oct 13, 18 at 4:18pm


Berserk Trolls or Goblin Slayer Goblins...

Oct 13, 18 at 4:18pm

Oh, Ep 2 is out

Gurren commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 13, 18 at 5:34pm

I sorta like how he has his own harem, but from what it seems like he pays them no attention romantically.

Oct 13, 18 at 5:58pm

His mind is elsewhere. He has some revenge to take care of first.

Oct 14, 18 at 9:49am

Wes commented on Goblin Slayer
Oct 14, 18 at 10:11am

Personally I thought it was bit distasteful how graphically it was depicted. I've had this stance for a long time with other anime in the past that used it just for shock value, even though per case, it added nothing to the plot. And yes there are a lot of them, and I'm getting tired of it. But lets stick to the anime this thread is about.

The whole purpose behind the scene was to get the viewers on board with the Goblin Slayer's fixated hatred of these creatures. It certainly accomplished it's goal. I just wish they would have found another way to do it. I think the scenes in the second episode did a far better job, and they were less graphic. I don't have a problem with the anime as a whole. It just means I have to add another possibly great anime to the list of stuff I can't let my nieces or nephews watch. And the direction anime are going now days, that list is getting way way too long, and needlessly so.

What's causing such a big stir with this anime is the fact they lead with it in the first episode, and in such a graphic way. Most people weren't expecting this anime to turn hentai in the first episode when they started watching it. And the WHOLE point was to be offensive. They wanted people to be offended and hate the goblins. So why be butt hurt when people get upset by it?

Everybody has different taste and likes different things. Some people like dark stories. Some don't. And this went a bit darker than most were expecting, and really quickly. They aren't wrong to be offended. That was the authors goal. They are just more sensitive to it than you are.

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