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Happy Sugar Life

Aug 22, 18 at 12:51pm

Yeah! That is why I think it is great since it is screwed up unlike some half job anime. XD It is very enjoyable! Glad to hear others think the same!

Lynes commented on Happy Sugar Life
Aug 23, 18 at 6:57am

I have watched Happy Sugar Life and I actually like it so far~ I am so glad that there weren't many or any detailed animated graphic scenes that may have been a little too hard for me to watch.

I like the two main girls as I could experience each of their own perspective, emotions, circumstances, past, and struggles they are dealing. It felt like the whole environment they were in were full of chaos and obstacles... I could also feel that they really care for one another, need for one other and help one another in their own way.

Aug 23, 18 at 9:06am

I told chu! I better get my merch for this anime -crosses fingers- it has me going for more even though a friend of mine sort of has a love-hate relationship with it xD

ace1979 commented on Happy Sugar Life
Aug 23, 18 at 8:01pm

Everyone in this anime is bat shit insane and I love it

Aug 24, 18 at 12:07am


My kind of anime, they're all crazy in their own special way. I'm honestly surprised there aren't more memes about it!

Aug 24, 18 at 1:05pm

Personally i am a crazy bitch XDDDD hence why i have seen this anime and i've enjoyed it i mean i'd prefer if it was a girl inlove with a guy but whatever right lol. I love psychotic romance animes >/////< <3

Aug 24, 18 at 1:29pm


Hell yeah!!!! I'm also a crazy bish~ I'm just super excited for how it all comes together in the anime. IN WAYS THOUGH, SHE IS INSANELY INTELLECTUAL if she wanted but hey logics and anime...right -shrugs-

*waves banner saying FIGHT ON*

Aug 24, 18 at 7:39pm

One of my favorites along with Mahou Shojo Site and classics like Future Diary, Higurashi, School Days, Black Lagoon, Euphoria (ok just kidding with that last one. its a wicked sick hentai). I love dark, gory, edgy.

Aug 24, 18 at 8:27pm

ROFL Yeah, they're neat XD Gotta love them yandere <3

For that "joke" Only one response is appropriate. XD

PM commented on Happy Sugar Life
Aug 24, 18 at 8:40pm

Oh no Ann not that Hentai anime

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