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What is the weirdest anime that you ended up liking?


oh and Zero No Tsukaima. That anime is so damn weird.


hm... for me was jojo bizzare adventrue s1 .. coz is ODD ... like simple ... but at despite the character it have ... I enjoyed it in the end ...
( I still need to finish the rest..but i enjoyed first part)


It’s got to be Kaiji ultimately gambler not sure why I started it but it was not my normal choice


Drake and Josh. 10/10 anime ;D


Probably Sgt. Frog. It's like Invader Zim but for happy people.



panty and stocking with garter belt english dub is an r-rated bawdy humor mood (sperm ghost soldiers taking over a tissue factory??? you heard it here first)

penguin drum is a weird anime that takes itself seriously (tfw when kid sister dies and is resurrected as a penguin queen dominatrix and sends you on a quest to find a drum)

hmmm those are the two that stick out to me (have traumatized me) the most
they are both beautifully animated though so if you want to be weirded out...


Cory in the House s2


Now that's a weird ass anime ;D

Apr 27, 19 at 1:10pm

FLCL is definitely that weird one for me. It's beautiful, but I have rage "wtf"d no fewer than twelve times per episode.

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