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What is the weirdest anime that you ended up liking?


Nana to kaoru won't say why just watch it


For me personally I'd have to say Love Hina cuz it isn't something I expected to like. Berserk is probably literally the weirdest manga I enjoy, but I'm not surprised that I love it cuz I like obscure, dark things.

Dec 22, 18 at 12:26am
This account has been suspended.

Depends on your definition of "weird", but Wicked City is probably the weirdest anime I have ever seen but ended up liking a lot.


Terra Formars


Samurai Flamenco, it was all over the place, but I really enjoyed it


Kakegurui. Not what I'm used to watch, but it was fun.
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. Again, something that I wasn't intending to watch, but since I was seeing so many memes of this anime, I had to give it a try and it was very good.
Sakamoto Desu ga? Weird. But soooo funny!


Part 4 of JoJo... I didn't liked part 1 to 3, but for my surprise part 4 was amazing! Ahahaha


I fell in love with "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" even though it contained tons of clever plot twists which I didn't expect. The characters were just very well-designed with deep background stories, and I was thrilled to discover that there's tons of additional lore to be discovered in the form of extra manga volumes which go in conjunction with the animated episodes.


High score girl on Netflix - the art looked old school but it was for a good reason.

Looking forward to season 2!

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