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What anime encouraged you to do something?

Jun 10, 18 at 4:28pm

Go sleep already <.<


Reading/watching Berserk and seeing Guts' story unfold made me think that my life is pretty good!!!


Full Moon Wo Sagashite encouraged me to love music :D Best 2 day binge ever.

Jun 10, 18 at 8:10pm

Yeah, I actually did it.
Because of an anime.


Yuru Camp showed me maximum comfort. I aspire to acquire a comfy place with a kotatsu. I might also consider camping and forming a secret blanket society in the future.

Jun 10, 18 at 9:37pm

It was something I already knew going into it, but watching Kaiji helped reinforce my views on the evils of money, it's corruptive effects, and how people should always come first


The girl who leapt through time

Time waits for no one man,You'll never know when your love ones will be gone,so make the best of your time with them.

Jun 10, 18 at 11:44pm

Yuri on Ice. That free skate program song gave me chills and I felt so inspired after marathoning through it for 4 hours straight. I ended up creating some art and learned the song on the piano.

Jun 11, 18 at 12:17am

I only was encouraged to watch more anime...

There are a few moments of anime/manga that gave me motivation in general, from the top of my head, one manga is called "1/11: Juuichi Bun no Ichi".


This character Harima Kenji from School Rumble inspired me to become a mangaka/animator

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