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Why i hate male protagonists in anime

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Just a thought... Maybe the reason the male protagonists always choose the tsundere unreachable characters, is because the author fell for someone that was unreachable and cold to him. And so he wrote a story in which she became reachable.

I agree, harem anime are an irrelevant lost cause. A romantic rival is common for drumming up drama in a romance story, but you don't need 5 romantic rivals. Yet it's a plot they keep repeating over and over and over again. And Japan seriously does need to give it a rest with the brother/sister complexes.


@awkward alright so Rem killed subaru brutally i will admit that but look at the reasons for it. She killed subaru for emilia's sake, Again another instance where he died for emilia. Plus Rem has to be forgiven because yes despite her killing him once he got her on his side she has saved his life time after time. I think she died lik three times for subaru.

So as for the issue of emilia not being trusting of subaru due to discrimination i can see why that would be a problem. Yet subaru has Proven himself to her. After saving her people, declaring his love for her, and making efforts to get closer to her i find it strange she isnt at least a bit trusting of him. It even drives him insane cuz yeah doing all of this for emilia and for her to turn her back on him it really messes with his mind and the only person there to save him is rem. Rem has always been there

Dying with emilia ehhh i can see how that also make him fall for her but i feel rems death was more impactful since even after having her limbs twsited around she still crawls over to save him. Thats true love right there.

Again might be the bias talking XD you bring up good points as to why she might be picker but rem is just better. Maybe a next season might show her a little better but i dont see her doing anything greater than what rem has done


i read that as male "prostitutes" at first glance..>->


And that's what got your attention? (o_O ) lol

*** Lots of Spoilers ***

I wouldn't say Emilia dying with Subaru wouldn't bring about feelings of love... Just a strong connection, and a strong desire to save her... Feelings of affection would have come from all the repeated days running around the city together... They often got distracted from their original goal spending time with each other.

You can't really blame Emilia, you gotta remember that 90% of his efforts Emilia never see's because time keeps resetting. Also consider the time line. Months may go by for Subaru, but it's days and weeks for everyone else who's time gets reset. Trust takes time... And that time kept disappearing. Emilia was fairly affectionate towards Subaru before their falling out.

And in fairness, she did trust him to some extent. Just not blindly and unconditionally like he wanted her to. Really who would? On more than a few occasions he was totally irrational. Especially in the scene where she rejected him, after he kind of humiliated her trying to act cool in front of everyone. And even that rejection was in part for Subaru's own sake. Emilia didn't hate Subaru when she rejected him... She was just really upset, like any woman would be... Things just went nuts before they could properly make up... Again realize the actual timeline from Emilia's perspective... It was only days ago for her.

Lol, you should go back and re-watch. Count the number of times REM kills him, and also pay attention to HOW she went about it. Forgiven doesn't mean forgotten. It took many many deaths before REM warmed up to him. Far less than Emilia (initially).

If I recall correctly, it was the scene you mentioned of REM dying that really broke him. I don't think Emilia's rejection had anything to do with that. It more about how fate kept kicking him down. For all he boasted, no matter what he did or how hard he tried, he realized how powerless he was to save the ones he cared about.

The author really did a great job on REM's character and using the story to draw out people's feelings for her. But don't we always feel bad for the romantic rival that doesn't get picked. Especially the really lovable ones. But don't forget the burden Emilia is carrying, and just how much she really needs Subaru to save her. I'd loose all respect for Subaru if he abandoned a girl that badly in need, just for an easier romance.


Nice topic by the way.


Oh, Emilia didn't trust Subaru? Well, neither did Rem. However, the viewer is automatically biased towards Rem simply because that's ALL we're shown during the entire series. It's the adventures of Subaru and Rem on their journey to the final castle to save the princess. Of COURSE we're gonna have a deeper understanding of Rem when that's all we're given. I don't blame anyone for favoring Rem, after all, that's who I favor as well.

However, I'm just gonna elaborate on 2 points, then I'm outta here, because this thread is just gonna go in circles.

"Yeah, I see your point, but lemme repeat my point." ***both sides of the argument, on repeat***


1. I don't necessarily even consider Re Zero as a harem, but since it's the one being used as discussion... Let's not fool ourselves into thinking the MC's of harems are supposed to be anything other than a blank vessel to contain the beliefs of whoever is watching it. It's the same principle as creating your own MC in an rpg. You portray yourself in his or her shoes (you probably even attempt to make them look like yourself), and you play the game according to your beliefs. That's all a harem is. The only difference is you don't get to make your own choices. You've portrayed yourself as the MC, but then you're forced to follow the predetermined path. If that path deviates from what you the viewer want, then you hate the MC. You don't hate the MC because of who they are, you hate the MC because they're not doing what you'd do.

2. It seems to me the primary argument of "Subaru should have picked Rem" is because Rem cared for him, and that she sacrificd herself for him. She'd do anything for him. She could be crippled, and would still go to him.

Very touching... and those are all the reasons I, too, liked Rem.

So then why are the lengths that Subaru go for Emilia being disregarded? Why are they not part of the equation? Subaru suffered how many painful and gory deaths... FOR Emilia? Subaru endlessly went out of his way for her. Subaru cared for her in depths that we as the viewer are never fully made aware of.

So why are those exact points the reason Rem is the right choice for Subaru, but they don't apply to the reason why Subaru is the right choice for Emilia? It's because it's not about who Subaru, himself, his own person, his own being, his own feelings, his own beliefs, should be with. It's who you as the viewer wants to be with.

And the natural human progression is to long to be with the person you have a deeper connection to. Thus, Rem.


@the space cadet

Good point, and well said.


@westley yes the rem thing broke him but before that it was him going crazy and humiliating himself and doing out-of-character things in order to get her to trust him. He felt a need to get her trust in him, cuz she was being protected by him and she didnt know, he kinda felt a little more like she should be grateful and like him back. I know it wouldnt be easy to trust someone in this situation but rem did this, she didnt know what it was that he was trying to do but she still went along. Blah blah blah we can go on about this for days

Anyway we strayed off topic a little, but this wasnt about harems necessarily and more about who a protagonist of the series picks as his love/love interest.


I also hate Male Prostitutes in anime


well, tbh yes. i thought itd be hilarious to see what your rant was about. lol.


Anime male prostitutes are the worst

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