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Anime english subbed or dubbed?

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Jun 30, 17 at 8:19am

I don't mind either subbed or dubbed. But I will watch a dub if it has some of my favortite English VAs like Crispin Freeman.

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen) commented on Anime english subbed or dubbed?
Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Jun 30, 17 at 2:49pm
This account has been suspended.

Dubs are for lazy convenient lovers.

Subs are for those with effort and love.

Vocaloid music also has the same effect.

Ransu commented on Anime english subbed or dubbed?
Jun 30, 17 at 3:28pm

Doesn't matter to me. Some dubs can be good but sometimes they aren't available so I'll watch an anime subbed. Not much of a difference unless the voice acting for the English dub is horrendous.

Jul 01, 17 at 5:23pm

i pref subs over everything D: i cant stand any dub D:

Jul 01, 17 at 8:29pm

fuck anime

Jul 01, 17 at 9:20pm

I prefer subs, I don't like dubs in any language. The feeling and intentions of the words are better perceived in the original language whatever it is. Applies to movies, music and books!


Don't have a big preference. Just don't want to switch back and forth.

If I start with the dubbed I want to finish the series in dubbed and vice versa. But i usually watch subbed just in case the dubbed version is cancelled before it finishes like zach bell was.

Jul 03, 17 at 10:00pm

I usually prefer dubs, I've watched subbed anime before and I usually have a hard time keeping track of the action having to read everything they say. Although I understand that a lot of people don't like dubs cause they can be bad (believe me I know from experience...) but they aren't always bad and even when they are I honestly don't care as long as the story is the same.

Jul 03, 17 at 11:51pm

I tend to watch the same series in both. >.> I'll watch the Show as it's Premiering Subbed and then when I finish it ill go back and watch it Dubbed.

That being said there are shows like Negima, Durarara and others that there is background things you almost certainly will miss if you watch Subbed only.

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