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Anime english subbed or dubbed?

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Idk why but the dubbed animes doesnt get me right in the feelings. I feel weird watching anime spoken in english! Am i the only one? And for those that likes dubbed, how come? Well not to be offensive but I want to know what you think! Sankyuuu! :)

Aug 25, 16 at 4:05pm

For most people I know that watch dubbed anime it's because it's hard for them to follow what's going on while reading subtitles. Personally, I usually watch dubbed anime if I'm multi-tasking, which was the case when I watched Bleach (the English version of that is really good, and I actually like Rukia's English voice better than Japanese). I don't have as much of a problem with dubbed anime anymore because the industry has started to get some better actors. I'd have to say my biggest problem, and why I think dubbed anime can sound awkward is because of the writers. Keeping too many Japanese nuances in the speech when it's supposed to be for English speakers simply breaks the flow of things.

After all that though, I think the biggest problem is simply that when everything is written for one language, it doesn't always work right in another, for example: the Japanese versions of Avatar the Last Air Bender and RWBY I find both a little strange. Avatar, because the voices don't feel like they fit the characters, and RWBY, because the speech is super fast because Japanese has more syllables that they have to fit in a smaller timeframe.


Very well saidddd! Sugoiiii! :O *mouth opens and drools*

Aug 25, 16 at 6:28pm

Ahaha, doumo doumo.

Are there perhaps any anime you've seen in English that you liked that way?

Aug 25, 16 at 6:37pm

I like subbed better.

And it has nothing to do with hating dubbed.
I just became very accustomed to viewing anime in subbed versions. From the start, I'm just a guy who prefers the original versions of things most of the time.

I understand some people have difficulties viewing subbed and reading at the same time, especially when multitasking on other things. But every person has their needs, and I suppose I just grew too fond of subbed.

Like Khadrian said, the only reason I almost always avoid dubbed is because of the awkward tone and speech it can have. As said, some things simply don't sound that well in another language.

Overall, I'm not saying dubbed is so bad. I'm only saying I just got too accustomed to one.

It's just a matter of need and preference.
Anime is Anime.

Aug 25, 16 at 10:27pm

I think it is usually depending on how you first see the anime. I can recall a lot of dubbed anime I saw when I was younger that I still love today even against its subbed counterpart.

Aug 26, 16 at 1:31am

Dubs are a massive insult to the creators of the original work. An anime is a product of both the audio and visual. So when someone comes along and deletes that audio to replace it with their own (poorly done version) you're only getting half of the originally intended expedience. Not to mention the localization that comes with dubs in which names, places, culturally exclusive terms/phrases, plot points, and more will be changed to appeal to different audiences. If you watch a dub version of an anime, you didn't watch that anime, you watched a butchered and bastardized version of the anime.

It's worth noting that some of the highest paid people in the anime industry are the voice actors. This is a very sought after and competitive part of the industry in which people take the job very seriously. Many seiyuu(voice actors) are treated like idols for that matter. Yet with dubs you're loosing of all that and replacing it with audio by people who often times consider anime dub voice work a stepping stone to 'real' voice acting. Many of the people who do dubs often treat it like nothing but a job and really want to move on to American animation and/or video games.

If you like dubs I'd recommend you watch Sore ga Seiyuu. It might make you think twice about disregarding all the hard work and effort put into the audio side of anime.

Aug 26, 16 at 2:20am


I'm not sure if I would use the word insult, but you do make some very valid points. I've always thought that if the English anime dubbing community had a little more pride in what they do they might be able to improve the quality of their work. It's definitely true (in my opinion) that English anime dubbers often don't take their work seriously, either seeing it as a stepping stone or a mere hobby. It's honestly surprising that the amount of anime that are being dubbed into English is on the rise considering how much cheaper it is to simply put subtitles to it, but maybe there are some kind of broadcast restrictions or something.

I also agree that an English localization is not the same as the original anime, but I wouldn't go as far as to say butchered, it's simply an English version of the same story meant for an English audience that just happens to use the same visuals. I kind of see it the same way as the Korean or Taiwanese dramas that are based on Japanese manga--all of the names are changed and usually the ages (because Japan really likes their 14 yo protagonists) but the overall story is still greatly the same. Sure the experience is different, but you still get the story, and in many cases it's easier to follow.

I guess as a final thought I'd like to add that even relying on subtitles changes the interpretation one receives while watching anime, because there are often no perfect translations for something. I quite frequently, and probably annoyingly so, explain weird translations in the subtitles to give what I think is a better interpretation of the nuances that a given character is going for.

Hopefully that didn't come off as aggressive, as that wasn't my intention at all. I just wanted to share my thoughts on some of the points you brought up.

Aug 26, 16 at 9:00am

I've watched dubbed for longer series' in the past until I've caught up with the dubbed episodes, then I've transitioned to subbed. Once I watch a few subbed anime though it's hard to watch dubbed, it just feels alien to have people in a completely different culture speaking perfect English. Don't get me wrong animes like Fairy Tail and Naruto Shippuden had great dubs from what I experienced, but when I watched Naruto Shippuden episodes subbed I found it hard to watch the dub again.

Honestly both are usually fine, if it's a more lighthearted anime which you're watching just for the hell of it then dubs are fine, but when I really want to get into the feeling of watching an anime (ones like Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion and such) then I prefer to watch it in subbed so I can get a better feel. When I first started watching anime I was only familiar and used to the dubs so I watched a lot of the most popular ones (Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, DB/DBZ ect) may have been a bad move, as the sub counterpart could have been a lot better in hindsight, but I really enjoyed them nonetheless and as such I'm fine with subbed or dubbed.

A final thing I'd like to add about the dubs is they often avoid swearing by replacing things like shit with darn, which doesn't always make sense in some scenes (picture Naruto Shippuden, Naruto is watching all his friends die to a crazed lunatic, after watching this horrible scene unfold all he says is "darn it!", usually he'd say "Damn you to hell!" or "Fucking leave them alone!").

Aug 26, 16 at 4:57pm

Dubbed definitely. I recently was watching AoT and I've seen both versions...lets just say thank god for dubs. I dunno I always thought the dubbed versions they put more feeling into the character

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