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Anime english subbed or dubbed?

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UnigearFTW commented on Anime english subbed or dubbed?
Jan 16, 17 at 12:56am

I usually pick up a dub if it's available though most of what I watch is subbed since I mainly watch seasonal stuff.

Jan 16, 17 at 4:09pm

Definetly subbed, I feel it more natural and fitting with the caracters actions.

Jan 16, 17 at 4:27pm


Jan 16, 17 at 8:48pm

Definitely sub! I think I've only used dub when I watched my first anime, but now I can't stand dub. I just think it's more natural with Japanese and I get into it more. I'm a fast reader too so it doesn't really bo me.

Jan 16, 17 at 8:53pm

To me, it depends on the anime. An example for me would be Danganronpa. I enjoy both sub and dub with Danganronpa. Watching an anime in subbed first, and listening to it dubbed and despising it I can understand. That happened with ERASED for me. I can't stand the English dub in ERASED. My favorite VA is voicing the main character, but I just can't see the match of the voice and character. The same with the MC's mom. I don't like the dubbed. So all in all, it depends on the anime. :p

Gonta Cheeto commented on Anime english subbed or dubbed?
Gonta Cheeto
Jan 17, 17 at 9:01am

Both tho usually sub "sounds cooler" imo. Jojo dub is amazing

Jan 21, 17 at 12:54pm

Subbed I love when u get the extra sub that tells u background info. Like in history


Honestly for me it depends on the anime. On the whole I prefer subbed but sometimes they dont sub the background conversations or make weird choices for voices and sometimes I prefer to hear English voice acting. If its a newer anime, or one that has an upcoming sequel then Ill tend to stick to subbed

Jan 22, 17 at 12:41pm

I usually like them both equally if they are done well. But I really enjoyed the dubs of Steins;Gate much more than the subs. The voice actors are great and they added a whole ton of pop culture references that weren't there in the subs. It is kinda funny when they go to a web page, realize it's in english, translate it to japanese, and then read it aloud in english (because dubs). Another thing with the japanese voice actors in the subs is that one of the main characters is supposed to be American, but she has a Japanese voice actor which doesn't make much sense in story. Has anyone else seen Steins;Gate and have an opinion on dubs vs subs?

Jan 22, 17 at 1:56pm

^Oh yeah, the Steins;Gate dub was one of the very best of the last few years. J Michael Tatum was fantastic and I liked some of the localized lines.

I probably posted already, but I'm more of a dub guy myself. I'm okay with subs, but prefer to watch dubs if ones available.

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