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What is the best anime watching platform?

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christacookies commented on What is the best anime watching platform?
Dec 19, 16 at 7:03pm

Kiss anime , funimation , crunchyroll , and netlfix; i some times use gogoanime , but kiss anime is the best if its not on crunchyrol or funmation.


I either watch on Crunchyroll or if they don't have the series I'm looking for.

Jan 08, 17 at 11:47am

I'm currently using Crunchyroll and Funimation but resort to either buying or torrenting if the anime I'm looking for isn't on either of those.

Jan 08, 17 at 12:21pm

Jan 08, 17 at 12:45pm

Kissanime is best *__*

Jan 08, 17 at 1:25pm

all of you can AnimeKiss my ass

the best is crunchy roll
they actually support the creators


A mix between crunchyroll and torrent. Or I just, you know.... go out and buy the blurays.


I agree entirely with Ryutsu, however buying Blu Rays cost money and as poor otaku that can barely afford internet torrent is the way to go . It's just logical reasoning to be cost effective


I perfer Kissanime and gogoanime.
These days im more on KissAnime, because its faster to browse.

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