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Nov 18, 17 at 9:21pm

Hiya nyaa^^

sapphirered left a comment for (笑)anigamer99(笑)
Oct 01, 17 at 10:49am

Hey, uh I'm new here and you're the first match I came across so hi, and if you wanna maybe be friends well hi? I'm bad at this. Anyway hi and bye I guess.

tasha left a comment for (笑)anigamer99(笑)
Apr 17, 17 at 11:38am


Apr 05, 17 at 4:34pm

oh you should play it, it's fun but also full of toxic players especially on pc >< Fire Emblem and Zelda are my favourite game series by far :3 I'm planning on possible buying more games for ps4 as I sold a few games that I was no longer interested in, got any recommendations? I'll check them out regardless of genre

Apr 05, 17 at 3:37pm

hard question really, I don't play games much anymore. I like playing Overwatch and heroes of the Storm. I mostly play/read visual novels now, but I guess I like multiplayer games and games with a fantasy/magic genre. Also been playing Zelda a lot too. How bout you?

Apr 05, 17 at 8:11am

I tend to watch comedies when feeling down but I still watch them now and again because a good laugh is always the best medicine xD

Apr 04, 17 at 4:45pm

all of them...? is that an answer? xD nah, I really like fantasy, magic, supernatural, psychological, and a bit of slice of life. I'll pretty much watch any genre really especially if it has a good story, how bout you?

Apr 04, 17 at 3:33pm

Yo~ no worries

Eliza Chaan~! left a comment for (笑)anigamer99(笑)
Dec 14, 16 at 12:43pm

i'm good too~! i hope you'll have a nice day or night~!

Eliza Chaan~! left a comment for (笑)anigamer99(笑)
Dec 13, 16 at 10:44pm

no prob~! how are you?

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