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What is the best anime watching platform?

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Aug 24, 16 at 3:50pm

I've tried crunchy roll and Netflix but neither of them update all that often or have any anime that are more obscure. Any suggestions for another platform?


For new animes, BitTorrent them. It's not the same as streaming them, but you can get a much wider selection and you can get them as soon as they air and get subbed.
They sub a majority of animes right after they air in Japan.

Here's a site where you can find all the anime being torrented.

Aug 25, 16 at 2:17am

I like KissAnime ( They have older and newer stuff and both a good random feature as well as advanced search (by genre/s). The community is great too, it's always fun to check the comments after each episode.

Aug 25, 16 at 6:23am

Torrents, there's no other option.

Sep 13, 16 at 8:26pm

for best dubbed anime :

Sep 13, 16 at 9:46pm

Recently Funimation and Crunchyroll teamed up.

Funimation also recently updated their viewing app but I've yet to use it.

I tend to use torrents myself however if I liked something I D/Led I tend to buy it if it's available in North America.
I wouldn't mind a Crunchyroll membership. They tend to have a huge selection to choose from and membership is cheap. However I can't view Funimation, Chrunchyroll, and USA Netflix in Japan right now so that'll have to wait until I come back.

Oct 15, 16 at 8:28am

Kissanime is a really good one, fast streaming, wide range of subs (and dubs in case it matters).

But it does take many updates form time to time.

Oct 23, 16 at 4:38am

For me it's Crunchyroll; Crunchyroll is my home <'3 (which btw, they update everyday and are getting more and more Anime).

As for when I'm torrenting: / or

Oct 23, 16 at 2:12pm

I agree with KissAnime. Solid selection and good quality without too many pop ups and annoying things like that. While a paid service, I love the Funimation app due to its Chromecast feature.

Akane 茜
Nov 24, 16 at 11:38pm

This is why Bilibili is the best anime watching platform--

When we get to epic anime scenes, the tsukkomi (comment) only gets more epic!!
...check out the above screenshots video and you'll understand^

(if you get to the last 'Railgun' one, you'll probably be surprised by the CRAZINESS and sense of solidarity among Misaka Mikoto fans there...)

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