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Anime that you feel gets less attention than it should.

@shawnji I honestly haven't had anyone say they have seen it and most ask what it is xD maybe not around the right people. I started on s2 but haven't been able to get into it like I did s1
Hmm... well, I'm definitely going to give it a watch. I think both seasons are on Hulu?
I definitely think Mononoke deserves some love
I'd say Hajime no ippo. It's one of my faves and I think it's an amazing anime however it's overshadowed by all the mainstream anime. I really do think it's great. People just tend to not go for too many of the sports related anime imo.
I can think of a couple of titles in relatively new anime releases. :) "Kokoro Connect" deserves more love. It's also not very accurately classified, in my opinion. Labelling it as simply shojo or romance limits its audience and exposure when it's much more than that. It's one of the nicest anime based on light novels that I've seen, together with "Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation".
For sure I think "Btooom!!" should have gotten waaaay more attention! http://static.zerochan.net/BTOOOM!.full.1297519.jpg The main character is no angel. He had anger issues at home and played video games all day because he couldn't get a job with a game design degree. His own mother voted to send him to an island with a life-or-death twisted game. Everyone who goes there has sin in some way and has minor characters from all walks of life. Such an interesting plot. Really edgy. Main character with a troubled childhood. Should have had the funding for a second season.
@arc i definitely feel like it deserves a second season they set the anime up and made it look like we were getting another one but its been years
Baccano for being generally awesome with tons of lovably insane characters, and Shinsekai Yori for being one of the better anime tales that's dripping with intense atmosphere and exquisite world building. It also has a great, if ultimately bittersweet ending.
Geez, there is way too many anime shows to choose from if I'm honest but if I would have to choose three then my picks would be D-Frag, Welcome to the NHK and probably Trinity Blood - they're nothing alike but I found them thoroughly entertaining :D
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