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Any EVANGELION fans in here?

Apr 24, 16 at 1:23pm

Taiyou: Yeah Asuka its fantastic! She is my favorite character as well.

Animefan 1987: Well dont worry, the guy who did it had super depression for 4 years and had recently studied psychology so it had some very interesting concepts and images. For me the entire show was about the characters while the rest was there just to look cool.

Nephilim: Well I wouldnt say it was poorly explained since if you collect the dots you will find all the answers. However it IS really ambiguous. And yeah it was basically "ancient aliens - super omnipotent being - created it but that's info from the games and I am talking about the show movies here.

Rebuilds are fun because it's a take for him without his super crazy depression.

I am so glad so many people have gathered to chat about it.


I enjoyed the original including the last two episodes. I do enjoy the take on the rebuild movies as well though I don't care much for the third rebuild.

Apr 24, 16 at 3:37pm

Rewatched the series and took the time to watch the three Rebuild movies. I saw a bit of the manga and might need to check that out as well since there are some differences like a certain someone dying and Shinji trying to punch Gendo.

Both the original series and Rebuilds (except 3) were really good and I enjoyed them. I mean it does get annoying sometimes when Shinji repeatedly has to sort out his feelings for an episode or two, but between the character interactions and fights, the good still comes out on top.

Apr 24, 16 at 3:59pm

Well the manga is nothing more than a promotional piece for a work done in the nineties so there is not a lot of passion put into it and feels like it was finished out of commitement than passion. It is very inferior to the anime since it feels like it doesnt understand the concepts behind the conception and themes of the actual story.

For exaple the hedgehog dilema is never resolved and Asuka feels more like a side character than one of the main ones.

Rebuild 3 was really really wierd. Specially with all the cringeworthy cgi and the battleships. I highly enjoy the originals thought.

AnimeKid: The two episodes are supposedly what is going on throught Shinji's head during End of Evangelion, I liked them thought.

Reason of why I came to this place was to meet a girl that also liked Evangelion. Due to where I live it is kind of hard to find one as they are not exactly fond of anime.


Big time fan here. Watched the original series when I was 12 and didn't understand it, then rewatched it when I was 20 and it made me feels feels.

I also enjoyed the first two rebuilds. The third one....it felt like they tried to get too artistic IMO. The first two rebuilds were more action oriented, then all of a sudden we spend half a movie guessing if Shinji goes both ways.

I am quite excited for the final rebuild. Can't wait to see what happens!

Apr 24, 16 at 6:20pm

It may not have everything that the anime has, but I very much disagree that it is an inferior product and has little passion in it. Just because it was done in the nineties doesn't mean a thing. While a bit rushed, I liked the ending of the manga better because it was show in a more hopeful light compared to the original. There are things the original does better than the manga and vice versa.

That said, I almost sort of favor the first two Rebuild movies since it spends less time with Shinji moping around and not trying to be deeper than what it really is. Rei also gets more of the spotlight, but that's also where it's lacking, the general character interaction isn't nearly as good in the original series.

Nothing is perfect after all.

Apr 24, 16 at 7:17pm

The ending of the manga didnt resolve the hedgehog dilema not took the theme of why Shinji rejected instrumentality. Besides no one remembers what happens so it's pretty empty, let alone nothing that happened had any consequences. It felt like a fan fiction IMO because it piggybacks on the original while adding it's own stuff of what it would have liked to happen while not taking into context many things. Let alone it feels completelt bland and hollow.

While the original while being compeltely apocalyptic and has depressive undertone it takes things perfectly, resolves things and takes everything into context. The ending of EOE it's perfect and it ends with a note of promising things and hope.

The rebuilds are interesting and they are cool for what they are but trying to condense a whole series into 4 movies it's insanity so obviously it was not going to be as fleshed as the original.




I finished the original series and EoE a few months ago and I haven't seen the rebuilds

I tend to focus more on the characters than the actual mechs, but I guess unit 02 would be my favourite?


I remember watching the anime and EOE movie years ago. At the time I didn't really think too deeply about it and was caught up in the characters instead of the overall message about escapism. Ironically, Evangelion was what got me back into the world of anime after years of not engaging with it. It was a good idea to put an HD version on Netflix and to continue the rebuild movies, I think even today some of the things it addresses would resonate with a lot of people.

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