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Any EVANGELION fans in here?


Hey, I wanted to meet some NGE fans on this website since I think it is a great tool to find people with similar interests.

What do you guys think of the rebuild movies?
Which is one your fav Eva?


I like it. I haven't watched the Rebuilds though but from what I've heard about them, I'm not really in a hurry to see them

Apr 22, 16 at 3:10am

well the rebuilds are interesting, some say they are even sequels to the originals!
But they are basically the series told in movies by an author that isnt drown in depression so it is interesting to see it from a "rebuild perspective"

We are still waiting for the 4rth one to come out thought. It should be fun.

But yes it's not that much into the characters like the tv series. But still it is a fun ride indeed.


I just finished it recently. I really enjoyed it.It was dark twisted and at sometimes random. I liked it So much so that I have a Rei build on fallout 4. Almost an exact copy of Rei built in fallout 4 and I'm starting on a nerv hq settlement.


I know that's half the reason I don't wanna watch lol

Apr 22, 16 at 10:03am

really? well they are more simple to digest to the general public, I would say you should give it a shot but that's up to you.

Well the guy had depression and studied psychology, no wonder sometimes it felt sort of random. Some people say it even feels like two different animes. LOL.


Not random as confusing random as super serious depressing 1 episode funny and cute the next. Doesn't quite make my personal top 5 but very close.


Asuka fan here!!!!


I watched Evangelion with a friend of mine. He said I was stupid because I didn't completely understand it. I liked it a lot though.


Evangelion is interesting, poorly explained in the series (all they had to say was they are aliens and it would have explained it). The Rebuild is okay, starting to change the plot significantly. The creator of Evangelion was actually institutionalized for a period of his life for depression, explains a lot about the anime.

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