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current shounens

Lamby commented on current shounens
Sep 07, 19 at 7:03pm

whoa thats the plot of the new steven universe movie too

Sep 07, 19 at 9:36pm

Lamby, they've crossed the Grand Line long ago, which is where all the most powerful characters reside. And past the Grand Line, the Straw Hats are in the region called "The New World," which is where the Yonko live... The Yonko being the 4 most powerful pirates in the world.

And you really should watch the anime or read the manga, cuz like Halo said, One Piece is fucking amazing. The silly artwork and seemingly stupid abilities of Luffy tends to turn off a lot of potential fans, including me at first. Also, I'm guessing you got to the point of meeting Buggy, not Boogy... and I can say easily that One Piece becomes approximately 547832698347562354 times better from the Buggy arc! xD

. commented on current shounens
Sep 08, 19 at 2:43am

Not really. Despite my aversion to it given the current state of the genre, I have heard good things about where My Hero is going, but... Seinen just has a lot more to offer me personally where I’m at in life. I’m looking for entertainment, but beyond that, moral lessons. To offer an example, I’ve been far more affected as an individual by Hirohiko Araki’s post WSJ manga than I ever was by JJKNB parts 1-6. That dark, gritty, humanistic story telling, the detail of the art, the narrative as a whole... it’s just been difficult to go back since I immersed myself in it. I will say though, I have enjoyed Dr. Stone in terms of sheer entertainment! I wouldn’t call Vinland Saga a shonen, but it’s riding the line in the earlier parts and I’ve really enjoyed the anime adaptation thus far.

. commented on current shounens
Sep 08, 19 at 3:03am

Hirohiko Araki’s current Jojo character faces remind me of Prince's (deceased singer) face

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