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Skype Otaku Group

Nessu commented on Skype Otaku Group
Dec 18, 14 at 12:58am

In my defense, I did add an automatic link posted in the chat history, I reposted it just to avoid conflict. Not only that, I do add at least everyone who asks to be put in, and they don't accept my friend request.. Also, the first post I specifically said to add me to make it go faster for the adding process.. But, in the end it is a double edged sword of a problem. But, my apologies for giving off a inconsistent adding rate.

Dec 18, 14 at 1:09am

Oh no I wasn't meaning to start anything sorry if it came off that way, was just saying that at times is seem people are over looked cause I know how Skype can like slowly ease people away from the site from time to time.

Nessu commented on Skype Otaku Group
Dec 18, 14 at 1:16am

Don't worry, I didn't take any offense, I just gave my part of the appeal. I know what you mean. I don't mean to overlook you all, it is just hard to balance life, with adding people into a skype group. My apologies, you can always be added right away. My bad for making it sound as if I was offended, I was just talking, basically.

Dec 20, 14 at 6:19pm

Guess we'll test this out. pj.klingler

Dec 20, 14 at 6:21pm

Add me into the group. Just look up Mint Alicarth in the box and I should be there.

Dec 20, 14 at 6:26pm


OtakuJT commented on Skype Otaku Group
Dec 20, 14 at 10:18pm

Everyone, when I Skype Request/add you, my name would either come up as JT-kun or thatguy9002. So if you all see those names request you, add me so I can add you to the Skype Otaku Group.

Dec 21, 14 at 12:54am

Id like to join if there's still space in the group ^
skype ID; MonjaElisa

Will the group activities be chat alone..? or will there be calls?
ty for reading~

OtakuJT commented on Skype Otaku Group
Dec 21, 14 at 12:33pm

Well MonjaChan, we're mostly chat but we do occasional calls when enough people are online to talk.

Dec 28, 14 at 4:35pm

I'll give it a go, mizuno452 is the name

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