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Skype Otaku Group

Dec 14, 14 at 11:24pm

So I made a group on Skype made for all kinds of Otaku. If you want to join, type your username down in the comments and I'll add you to the group!

Dec 14, 14 at 11:47pm

there are so many chat groups via Skype that have been setup on here. But more power to ya just hope for no drama cause it can kill a group.

Dec 15, 14 at 10:35am


Dec 15, 14 at 10:46am

grow500 c:

fenris commented on Skype Otaku Group
Dec 15, 14 at 8:07pm

Sure why not. abnormalagonist

Dec 16, 14 at 5:42pm

sounds interesting. Danvsang

Dec 16, 14 at 11:47pm

Add Xhinzo

Lord TK commented on Skype Otaku Group
Lord TK
Dec 17, 14 at 10:29pm

Hey guys! I'd just like you to know that we already have had a Skype group for a good year now, and it's super active and we're trying to add anyone that wants in, as long as they just message in our thread! Here's a link if you want it:

Just so you know, i'm not trying to derail your thread and chat, I'm sure it's a fun place to hang with the people you already have in there, but in case you didn't know yet, here is is. Have a nice day! <3 -Tk

Dec 17, 14 at 11:12pm

However I'm pretty sure you all are so active on Skype they you forget MO and possible people whom have applied to join said group. I personally know of a few myself included so.. yeah. Might want to remain conscious of that, just saying.

Dec 18, 14 at 12:15am


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