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Daggera @daggera left a comment for fenris
Apr 13, 16 at 1:03pm

Fushigi Yuugi was the first series I ever bought and collected. Right on. ^^


yasss!!! d=(´▽`)=b
spread you buttcheeks for tomoko~!

Kahari @yuriseiyuri left a comment for fenris
Nov 08, 15 at 1:44pm

No problem, nice to meet you too :)


love the name, considered calling myself Fenris as well XD

cake4bearz @cake4bearz left a comment for fenris
Jul 06, 15 at 9:39pm

Unfortunately I've never actually played the game but i want to.

doushiyou @doushiyou left a comment for fenris
Jun 22, 15 at 10:02am

Sorry for replying late... I'm lucky to be able to travel around the world :) I traveled to England, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Japan, South Korea and in July I'm going to New York. What about you ?

shizenkitty @shizentwinkle left a comment for fenris
May 16, 15 at 12:15pm

Nawww im not chinese XD Im irish,german,russia... hahaha im a mutt! XD lol and nawww beating a person i hate.... like i hate this person so much.... >_> like they should be gone.... but i have no way to make them gone....

Tori @toya left a comment for fenris
May 12, 15 at 2:43am

You beat the final boss and the credits roll and the game freezes.


Native American art is really something too. In high school I had the opportunity to take a Native American Arts and a Native American Modern Issues course and we got to go on a lot of field trips to see all different kinds of music, museums, etc. Clothing is definitely really neat too, i love all the bead work.

Oh yeah, Vikings the tv show is really good imo. It's mainly on their first invasions to England and France, and theyre currently filming Normandy. It's an interesting show, the third season just finished airing and they show all kinds of different aspects of their culture.

shizenkitty @shizentwinkle left a comment for fenris
May 10, 15 at 7:50pm

well i would say anime, svu, ncis, cats, my friends(the few i do have), my dad, my car, documentaries, horror movies, chinese food,black/blue roses, thinking of beating this person i want gone, annnnnddddd brownies/cookies!!!

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