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ONE PIECE discussion thread


OMG THAT WAS SO SAD its rumored that even Oda himself cried when Merry was burned :'( and i agree about the Ace thing if he didnt die Luffy wouldnt have gotten stronger and i honestly love all the fights on Enies Lobby introduction to Gear Second and Gear Thurd, Asura, Diable Jamble Sogeking Franky and everything and also how do you think that Blackbeard stole Whitebeards Gura Gura no Mi?


ahmm.. i think that he used his devil fruit to absorbs whitebeard's. since that's the best ability of his fruit..isn't that the reason why blackbeard wanted to get the yami yami no mi?


thats a great way of thinking about it lol also i cant wait for Brook to see Laboon again its gonna be so cool like who knew the 9th member of the Mugiwaras were gonna be one of Laboons nakamas :D


hahaha thriller bark was a great arc as well i laughed a lot!! franky was hillarious after finding out brook's story..and sanji too because of nami-swan and the suke suke no mi plus the zombies and the scardy trio!(chopper,nami,ussop)LoL. yep it'll be interesting to watch their reunion but brook has to wait a little longer before he can go back to the reverse mountain.!


yeah i loved the Thriller Bark arc aswell tho they did struggle a whole lot lol and yeah Franky is SUUUUUUUUUUUUPER


One Piece is definitely my favorite anime, the dressrosa arc has been pretty awesome so far ^_^

Jul 10, 14 at 6:12pm

I liked the Marine ford arc. :P
Tons of important figures of one piece world going at full power.

By the way, I'm not so sure that Luffy would not had powered up as much as he did if Ace did not die.
After Sabaody Luffy was well aware that he could have lost all his crew had Kuma been serious during their fight. Or if Rayleigh did not stop Kizaru.
And at Marineford he witnessed first hand how useless he was in 1vs1 situation against shishibukai and admiral fighting seriously.

But if Ace had survived, he would probably had become luffy's rival to become pirate king. (He had no interest in that but it would most likely had been Whitebeard last wish.)
I guess Oda had already others in mind, like the supernovas of the worst generation.


For me Arlong Park Arc was the best. learning Namis Backstory just gets you in the 'Feels'


everyone who has commented on this thread have you heard of the One Piece Special coming out August 30th?


I'm really liking the Arena battle

but it's not enough!

I wish they would have a non-cannon arc that was just a 1v1 bracket tournament between all the characters

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