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ONE PIECE discussion thread


^You should play the game One Piece Unlimited World Red. It has everyone up to Punk Hazard, then Fujitora and Doflamingo from the Dressrosa arc. I wish they could add more of the Dressrosa arc in. I'd pay a premium for Bartolomeo, Cavendish or Sabo. The rest would be gravy. :P I remember when I played Unlimited Adventure I'd pit different characters against each other and see who beat who easier. Putting it in the anime... meh... It would probably annoy a lot of fans cause they want to get to the meat of the story, you know how much everyone loves filler. This is an already long series. :P

I want to see the special already. I'm going to catch it on streaming probably Watch One Piece Online or something like that.

As for the anime, I am glad they finally showed Cavendish's badassery. I can't wait till Hakuba shakes the arena up.

Dressrosa has been pretty epic. I can't wait to see how everything comes together and the finale for that which I'd imagine is when Law sees justice and Luffy kicks Doflamingo's ass.

I have a friend that has been sad cause he can't get a Rebecca figurine. Like, the big ones. I managed to find a small like 8cm of her at the store last week. Do you think he'd like it if I got him one of those? :P


@missallyesterday he'd be happy to have it, since he's a fan of one piece... i don't even have any collections for one piece but i hope i can get one someday... i do hope... so i just watch anime and read manga..at the same time.. :) it's been so exciting since the dressrosa arc has started since i could see Sabo again... ;)


A theory of mine about Dragon's power is that he was once a High level marine so he was trained to use high level haki, but he learned the "truth" about what happened in the Void Century, went rogue and started the Revolutionary Army. Also I believe his ability to control the weather doesn't come from a Devil Fruit but it comes from one of the Ancient Weapons or maybe he is an Ancient Weapon. Any opinions about this theory?

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Anyone read the latest chapter? I seriously want to discuss it!

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I hope these weeboos reading act 3 of wano...

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