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OMG! I love Higurashi!


So now I have 24 episodes in the Second series and apparently there are two live action movies too. Damn, I need Wi-Fi, I'm sitting outside the (closed) library at 1am to get on their wifi to watch this, Lol.

May 23, 14 at 10:34am


Like I said, the first season is the question, second season is the answer

The Live Action movies were alright, personally I'm not a fan of LA adaptations, however, I really liked Hentai Kamen (it was silly) and Mushi-shi (REALLY good IMO)

May 26, 14 at 4:25pm

I enjoyed Higurashi as well. It was way different than most other anime I had seen. If you love yanderes (I do as well), you'll adore Mirai Nikki.

May 26, 14 at 8:39pm

Future diary was very nice, wasn't too fond of the Higurashi anime adaptation, as I felt it moved too fast to really impart the feelings of friendship that the VN and Manga did, but the story itself is great!

I had no idea they made a LA, I might just look for that.

Jun 02, 14 at 1:28pm

Higurashi was one of my favorite anime series. I still have a few episodes I haven't watched yet. I get like that with anime series. If I like it enough I never want to finish it.

Jun 02, 14 at 1:30pm

I definitely liked it myself since I am quite the fan of yanderesXD

Jun 03, 14 at 12:36pm

I love Hirugashi, sometimes it seems kind of trashy but its got a really good story

Apr 19, 21 at 3:08pm

New season was sweet, 2nd half is gonna be great. People speculate it would end with a remake of Umineko or something like that.

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