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26 year old Male
Last online over 1 year ago
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erika_santos left a comment for Buji
Jul 08, 15 at 4:39am

Hey buji did u go to anime expo

LEN KAGAMINE left a comment for Buji
Jul 16, 14 at 5:27pm

what up buji!!

supernovagirl08 left a comment for Buji
Jul 03, 14 at 6:47pm

hey sorry i havent been on in a while i took a vacation to the states and had no internet how have you been what have you been up to?

vampire_neko! I'm sure it helps being in Cali to find people. I'm in a tiny town of 8,000 on the Oregon coast so even most of the girls here are rednecks.

I'm still making new friends, lately talking to nekuchu and Loli-Chan. I hope things go well with you and your new girl, laterz!


Hey, Buji.. I haven't seen much of you lately but it looks like you still get online. Didn't you say you got a gf on here? Been busy talking to her? Lol!

ema_hinata left a comment for Buji
Jun 04, 14 at 4:51pm

Haha just seen your comment ^^ sorry my notifications don't work as it seems :S And yes specifically tuna :P haha


I finished watching the 8 episodes of Date A Live II that are out, watched Shuffle! And just now finished the Second part of Higurashi which is now one of my favorites. I just need to watch the OVA and live action films. Not sure what's next at the moment. Oh, and I watched Diabolik Lovers a couple days ago kind of short, needed more plot. Felt like they kind of made it more a sexual fetish romance for adolescent girls and skimped on plot.

‍Animekid left a comment for Buji
Jun 02, 14 at 9:46pm

I would if I could but when I get on there with my laptop it slows to a permanent loading on the webpage :( I've waited 10minutes on tinychat, loading, and ended up with two short good speed bursts lasting about 15seconds total. :(

TaylorHime left a comment for Buji
Jun 01, 14 at 12:22am

Hiya! I don't think we've talked before!

destinychan left a comment for Buji
May 31, 14 at 4:21pm

Wow really? Thank you for the welcome. 0 u0