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Favorite hentai/eroge?

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Dec 19, 16 at 12:48pm

I recently Found Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo and really liking it so far. I'm soooo tired of the cliche rape or borderline rape (no stop!.....oh feels so good) bullshit. I like more the girl seducing the guy. Also like some loli stuff but again, only when they don't play the innocent act and are more proactive.

I haven't found a good place to download eroge though.

Dec 19, 16 at 1:16pm

Sorry i don't have any & i don't have any in my collection so far at the moment yet and so far only ones i do play at the moment is online i doubt you count internet ones & if you don't mind can you give your answers to my question of this if you don't mind giving me your advice :).

How to not be embarassed of buying & owning these games?

If you want me to post the question on here to farther explain and tell you all why am i asking feel free to either let me know or ask and i don't mind posting the question if you think i should :).

Dec 19, 16 at 1:26pm

When I was younger and first went in a porn shop, I was very embarrassed. It's natural to be embarrassed when you aren't used to it. I'm not embarrassed anymore and don't care what people think. Sex is natural and normal and so is porn. People worry so much about what others might think, everyone trying to hide their fetishes and sexuality, especially girls. I love perverted girls.

Dec 19, 16 at 1:29pm

& i notice right stuff sells some of these games too as well loli

Dec 19, 16 at 5:59pm

Anyone know where to find Imouto Paradise uncensored (english subs)?

Dec 19, 16 at 6:44pm

If you're talking about download i don't know but however right stuff have it for sell and for now it's on sell for $40.46 if you want to get it while it's on sale better get it now while the clock is ticking todays the last day for their sales until next time they having sales :).

& i don't know is that what you're looking for though maybe you can try & see if the site unless you want me to check for you & yes I'm also a fellow member of too as well :).

Jan 04, 17 at 5:23pm

boku no pico


Check out for all of your 'scientifical' needs.

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