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Out of curiosity in your opinions do you think i should hide my taste in anime & manga

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I admit i was not going to ask at first and well i thought of the h*ll and asked your opinions & before you jump my throat allow me to explain why am i asking this pretty much i love all kinds of anime & manga as long as it's any good and before you ask or act like like what.

Here are some examples to farther explain why am i asking both your opinions & your advice out of curiosity i love anime from kids anime I.E shonen & shojo-to ecchi anime-to both anime with fanservice & anime without fanservice,to erotica such as hentai & hentai manga-to adult anime I.E Senin & Joesei-to yuri & yaoi even though I'm a straight guy & many more but however if you're talking about hentai stuff i don't know should i give you some examples or don't & don't know if you need examples or not.

& i admit i have favorite anime & favorite manga from varies genres not just one genre of course and yes i admit i do have favorite female characters in gaming,anime & manga even though i do have favorite male characters in gaming,anime & manga too as well and to be honest i don't know should i hide this about me.

& i don't know should i hide hide my taste in anime & manga & yes I'm also a hentai fan too as well even though I'm not a pervert & I'm not a pedophile sorry for a small rant and i admit it can be embarrassing if they found out what i buy,what i love & what i have in my entire collection including my other collection.

& to end it here or at least for now when i said it can be embarrassing if they found out what i buy,what i love & what i have in my entire collection including my other collection I'm including my family including my parents & my friends,girls & women anyway thanks for reading,thanks for your understanding & thanks for sharing your opinions and feel free to share your advice I.E how to not be embarrassed and such if you want to share your advice :).


I generally hide my power level offline so people don't think I'm a weirdo, but online? what's the point? No one cares what random people on the internet are into, and there's far weirder stuff to be into than anime/manga.


Ehh I see where your coming from. Honestly it's only embarrassing if you allow it to be, it's only a shock to some people when they see that stuff later..cause you presented yourself as something other. I make masks all day and some think it's weird, but I don't give a shit.

Just gotta stop worrying about how others perceive you, family included. When you start giving off that "I'm gonna enjoy my shit anyway" vibe..folks will look over it. Besides your interests doesn't define you.

I've seen a few people worry about this, screw what others have to say dude.


I find that you should never hide your love of anime, but if people ask what you enjoy just toss out some anime that is fairly widely accepted. You can also toss out some movies like Howls Moving Castle or Spirited Away. These are usually more accepted in society and it isn't too weird. Society is changing from how it was before and a lot more people are into anime now than ever before so don't hide it embrace it.


I don't think you should hide it from those closest to you. This is you, and they want to know you.
When I see someone who's clearly an anime fan wearing the merch in public I usually shout out to them; it makes them smile and makes me smile. Like geass007 said, lots of people who wouldn't even call themselves anime fans are fans of Studio Ghibli, and since this summer there are many more Pokemon fans. And if you have favourite female characters, the anime community still gets you. I hope you become comfortable sharing your love for anime and manga with everyone.

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Dec 22, 16 at 10:26pm

Way too much attention seeking in the opening; nobody cares, just ask what you want.


Honestly! Im a closet fan. I have a day set every six months I let my otaku out with my best friend and we binge whatever we feel like. I will even tell most people I like anime because it's just honesty, but they will never the full extent of my fandom, because how else am I supposed to make friends if I scare them off?


There is no shame in showing what you enjoy. That being said, making it easier for people to understand does help you and your case. I tend to say I watch a lot of animated movies and TV. While it's not purely anime, a bigger bulk of it is and I'm not too interested in the Disney/Pixar stuff, it just makes it easier to say I'm a fan of animation because more people will be able to understand what that is than they would anime.


The presumption that all anime is just kids cartoons or tentacle porn is something I too frequently happen upon in the flesh, so I usually tend to downplay it unless I see someone else bringing it up. Given the popularity of stuff like Game of Thrones and Westworld, it's obvious people are receptive to real-life ecchi and fan service without it being an overall detriment to the storytelling, but animations are still going to have to cope with that bias until more attempts to mainstream are made here in the US. Really, most things being imported is one of the major issues in the process. When/if we get a few more homegrown studios that aren't about pimping toy merchandise over actual content, we might not have to be so reclusive.

Nonetheless, I get similar when professing my like of JRPGs or MMOs. To some, the only video games that seem to exist are FPS or sports games. The overall common theme should be that either art form has numerous genres where all it takes is an artist, or team of, to focus on it and make some quality stuff. And the cruel irony is the world is so desperate to consume media, but artists often get treated like crap socially and financially until they get that one big break. And with the way the world is going with continued population growth and technological advancement, creative pursuits may be the future of time wasting.


i dont think anyone here is going to say to hide what you like
in the end its what you want
ask yourself what you want to do and listen closely for an answer

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