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if you could play super smash with any game characters who would your team be

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so basically a super cross over of many awesome game characrters in awesome brawl choose your team here is mine

lulu ffx

t-elos xenosaga

vincnet valentine ffvii

lamia loveless super robot wars
haken browning endless frontier
id xenogears
id xenogears

jin uzuki xenosaga

kaguya nanbu endless frontier


No pics but Goku, Snoopy, Kanye West, Paper Mario, Bee Mario, 8-bit Mario, Baby Mario, Baby Wario, Baby Peach, Bomberman, Professor Layton, Yui Hirasawa, maybe one of the Skull Girls, and Felix the Cat.


Jecht from Final Fantasy X
Cloud from Final Fantasy VII

Baiken from Guilty Gear

Kumatora from Mother 3

Shina from Bloody Roar

Hong Meiling from Touhou Project
Bazett from Fate series

And Sheik, because...♥

Sep 21, 16 at 1:27am

My team would be:




Yami Yu-Gi


And Kaiba

If any one of these characters got in smash I would be happy! However I would prefer Katsuragi or Kaiba to be in smash if I had to pick.

Sep 24, 16 at 6:05pm

Every Shin Megami Tensei and Persona character ever.

Sep 27, 16 at 5:38pm

I'd bring back Snake for one.
No anime characters though since anime fighting games have a bad habit of sucking ass and having terrible mechanics.
I thought that J-Stars was going to be one of my favorite games but 10 minutes after picking up the controller, I couldn't play anymore and the same goes for One Piece Burning Blood.


Itachi Uchiha~ Gohan :v Ligh Yagami o.o Maybe Blue Eyes White Dragon~

Tired of here. Inactive.
Oct 18, 16 at 9:38pm

Why so many team members, geez.

Top 3:

Kefka (FF6)

Elk (.hack//Infection)

Ennard (Sister Location)

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