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Odd turn ons


Anybody out there with a weird turn on? I personally for some reason like girls with hair dyed blue or some other odd color.

C @chesha commented on Odd turn ons
C @chesha
Jul 11, 17 at 2:36pm

I become aroused and lusty when a female is on her period. Is that odd?

Jul 11, 17 at 8:20pm

I love when you can see a girls collar bone.


my girlfriend is turned on by pee. especially if shes forced to drink it....

ya know what i won't continue this. it escalates fast.

Jul 11, 17 at 10:06pm

Meh... Urine is pretty sterile, aside from the toxins that your body is flushing out and even then, it's not enough to hurt you (Unless that's all you're drinking and well, it won't be for very long.). She likes to be humiliated and that's not extremely odd.

I don't feel as though my turn ons are weird or odd. I love when my woman is dominating, but even that's nothing "odd". I'm not against odd (No shit play and it's all good.), but I haven't really gone down that route yet. Who knows? We still have the rest of our lives to reach that point.


well i guess its not super odd to me compared to urine.

but i have a cum fetish which is part of another fetish and that is having my lover as my property, kinda like a slave but it's consensual.
"you belong to me, but you're the most special thing to me"


Scars. Scars an burns.


I'm gay, but I love love LOVE men in female clothing! ESPECIALLY if it's dresses or lingerie! I know it's weird, but I love it so much!

(And... tentacles. Ashamed, but I love them)

Jul 23, 17 at 10:43am


Jul 24, 17 at 1:18pm

big strong hands, black suits, and degrading

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