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Are you afraid that people won't like you here??

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Aug 03, 16 at 11:10pm

Everyone gets nervous!! However some people are super duper scared to interact with people and find their one true love!!

I have created this forum to help love and friendship triumph over evil fear!!


Nope :) I'm me. some people like me and ya know what some people don't. But I don't come back for those people. Still this was nice of you. Kudos!

Aug 04, 16 at 12:09am

I was at first but everyone here is so friendly ≧◡≦


Not really, I'm used to people not liking me and expected as much when I joined. Just today some random guy decided to rant on my profile a bit about how much he doesn't like me or something.


Never expected anyone to like me in the first place. XD


There always will be someone who likes you and someone who hates you.


Too true Maya

Aug 04, 16 at 2:50am

@neet-one I just read what he said - I'm not stalking :) I was just interested and frankly it sounds like he's got a HUGE problem. I agree with Maydragon. You can't have it all. There's actually a pretty cool song:


im so nervous around people !


I've never really put myself into this kind of community so I'm definitely nervous, but I hope to make some friends while I'm here!

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