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Random thoughts...

[Bunny] Taiyou @taiyou started Random thoughts...
[Bunny] Taiyou @taiyou
May 24, 16 at 6:15pm

Random thoughts in a random forum. Anything random that comes to mind...

First random thought I had today talking to a friend. I wonder how many people noticed MOJO Jojo basically MacGyvered his way to making the Rowdy-Rough Boys and escaping prison...

Lord's Chosen Otaku @differentdrum commented on Random thoughts...
Lord's Chosen Otaku @differentdrum
May 24, 16 at 6:31pm
This account has been suspended.

MOJO Jojo has a really big head/brain lol

Jun 06, 16 at 1:55pm

why do people have to always come over. I need guns on my roof

≧ ManamI ≦ @mamani_nnnn commented on Random thoughts...
≧ ManamI ≦ @mamani_nnnn
Jun 06, 16 at 2:23pm

Rip my Attack on Titan waifu. He's hot...

[Bunny] Taiyou @taiyou commented on Random thoughts...
[Bunny] Taiyou @taiyou
Jun 06, 16 at 2:25pm

Lmao xD


I want to cage Siru and keep him like a pet bird that says random shit all day.

Jun 06, 16 at 6:28pm

id love to be in cage at verus place

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