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Are you looking for a Relationship or friends on this site?


Are you looking for a Relationship or friends on this site?

I'm looking more for new friends, but if a relationship happens it happens.

What about all of you?


In terms of friends this site I owe to meeting my closest friends we are basically family now and treat each other as such as for relationships on this site ive kinda given up trying but hey if it happens it happens.


Both o.o but people are so shallow these days


Sad but true ^

When I first got here I was a relationship fiend but now I'm just looking for friends. If any opportunity comes for a relationship I might take it or just become close friends with/hold a very secretly deep crush on them. Crushing on people forever is fun^.^

But to reiterate the answer, I just want friends:>


I sort of a both guy even though I'm not expecting a date to come falling out of the sky.


Honestly friends because sometimes this site can be kinda cringey


Looking for my lifelong partner <3

Riolis @riolis
May 18, 16 at 2:47am

Looking for inspiration.


AT first Relationship mainly, but now people to talk with, friends and if it might really happen a relationship

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