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Does height matter?

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May 12, 16 at 11:30pm

I myself am not the tallest guy in the world being only about 5 foot 7 but even I am picky about it. Being around my height is okay but if you're too much taller then we better have A TON in common lol. A lot of it may have to do with me believing the guy should just be taller yes but I also simply find shorter girls more attractive generally.

What do you guys think? Does height make a difference for you?

May 12, 16 at 11:48pm

It doesn't make a difference to me.


It doesn't matter to me but I have been rejected many times for being short. I've heard a good theory about why females like way taller guys. They like to be short even when wearing heels as they kiss him.

May 12, 16 at 11:52pm

Animekid your pic changed? (Unless it's been that way for awhile idk)

May 13, 16 at 12:01am

Yeah I changed it about 15min ago lol.

May 13, 16 at 12:07am

Ohhhh I get it

You're literally a Mango Taster now lol

May 13, 16 at 12:15am

Yep xD

May 13, 16 at 12:37am

If I like the person then it doesn't matter much, but if I had to choose I'd prefer they are the same height as me or a bit taller. I have had a few crushes on people shorter than me. I think it can be cute. Although, they don't usually like being called cute. haha

May 13, 16 at 2:21am

I honestly wish I could be with a girl who was taller than me, sounds like it could be fun@

hadtochangemyname commented on Does height matter?
May 13, 16 at 2:42am
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