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Does size matters?

Apr 20, 16 at 5:03pm

The question that makes all men cringe and run in fear when faced with.

What's the opinion of everyone on this touchy subject?

Apr 20, 16 at 5:13pm

i dont feel like it should matter its not like being overweight you cant really change that (well without pills anyway) but i mean if its that small lol cant help you there #CantRelate

Ed~ commented on Does size matters?
Apr 20, 16 at 5:24pm

oh lol. I'm not talking about myself XD, I'm okay in that area.

Just that I've read lots of stories of women claiming it's cool, yet, in the end cheat or worse~

ofc, not all women are like that XD

xynox commented on Does size matters?
Apr 20, 16 at 5:25pm


Apr 20, 16 at 5:31pm

haha ed its all cool cause they got someone else to make up for it. i mean there are other ways to get off you dont HAVE to do it that way i mean you might feel alright but she doesnt

Apr 20, 16 at 5:34pm

This topic was done a while ago, but I'll chime in.

Size of what? If we were to say the size of a certain male member, that's more of an opinion than a matter of fact. Also, there's not a single pill that works, otherwise those companies would be making billions of dollars instead of just billions of online adds and spam e-mails. Also, surgery can only add around an inch or so at the cost of increasing the chance of breaking (It can break) said male member.

Average is around 5-5 1/2 inches and as far as that's concerned, no worries there for me.;) The only time there may be an issue is when it's under 3". Otherwise, what's more important is girth. But, I never understood how it's a put down saying it's small, when there's absolutely nothing that can or could've been done. If, by chance, you have a real size issue, learn other techniques to please your partner. There's more to it than just penetration.

Apr 20, 16 at 5:35pm

Omg Yass and I think you have gave that almost exact response too. LOL

xynox commented on Does size matters?
Apr 20, 16 at 5:39pm

Even more lol.
Any woman who claims it doesn't matter is a friggin' masochist. Or asexual. That doesn't make one end better than the other it just means you need to find a match.
I find it contradicting how you both still have to mention you're fine in that department yet claim it doesn't matter though. It shows that you DO care.
Keep it to your bed rooms and girl friends / boyfriends (not to be insensitive of sexualities). Such topics are not talked about much in public for reason. Everyone has their own preferences.

Apr 20, 16 at 5:41pm

yeah the average is 5 what if its not so much that your small but you have trouble getting erect what then?

Apr 20, 16 at 5:42pm

I truly don't care. I can't whine either, the only thing I have is a good butt and a quite acceptable face XD. Just as Yass said, there are various other ways you can please your partner ;)

@xynox in the asexual part you're probably just a bit right but the masochist... Remember sadists like to give instead of being given o.o

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