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Aging population

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Apr 07, 16 at 9:23pm

How would you solve Japan's low birth rate? Or rather the actual problem.

Japan's high dependant population (elderly but children go under this too) that outnumbers the working population that is in fact overworked as is. Ruining domestic lives.

Yeah Japan's got some problems and its pretty much a view of what other 1st world countries will face in their future.

Arc commented on Aging population
Apr 07, 16 at 9:50pm

I gotta go to japan and help in the re-population efforts! Ladies, here I come~

In actuality, I would overturn some of Japans more Xenophobic laws. In history immigrants were always a good solution for population problems. They just don't like foreigners in their population as much.

Cujo commented on Aging population
Apr 07, 16 at 10:13pm

As much as I'm sure loads of people would be willing to go over there - that wouldn't solve the problems in Japan's population. They don't particularly like foreigners and unlike the US and Europe they're fairly homogeneous - it would not make much sense for them to start importing immigrants for anything but work, on work visas.

If Japan's going to find a way out of their predicament, it has to come from within the Japanese people.

Although... the modern Japanese race is actually from Southern China.

Apr 07, 16 at 10:44pm

I believe a big part of the problem is individuals prioritizing personal carriers over families. I also believe that if the problems with their economy continue in the direction they're heading, you'll find many out of work people with nothing better to do than shag each other, which could in theory solve the birthrate issue. Increased government aid for those with children in the face of economic uncertainty would also greatly incentivize reproduction in the populace, just as it has in low income urban areas in the US.

Riolis commented on Aging population
Apr 08, 16 at 1:50am

Career is an issue, but not a major one. Most of the girls there are willing to quit their job to be housewives. The main issue I heard from my fellow co-workers, is the cost of raising a kid, the other one is expectation.

Girls 20-28 expect a really good looking man, visual-kei.
Girls 28+ expect you to have a really big bank account and salary.

So alot of the guys remain single, as they can't fulfill that expectation. Plus it's easy to get sex and/or companionship in Japan.

Apr 08, 16 at 4:35am

I assume you're talking about the pink industry.

well technically games and entertainment count as pink but I guess you mean stuff like hostess, brothels, love hotels, porn, idols, etc.

I guess you can call that "easy", but its kinda dumb to be spending said money in those kinda things when alot of the pink industry is yakuza controlled. And that capital doesn't go towards good things.

Also age of consent is 13. What do? Just to clarify 13-17 can only get jiggy with each other. Over 18s can only legally get with over 18s.

Oh wow lookit this loop hole.
Sex with those under 13 years of age is prohibited, but consensual sex with a 13-year-old is not prosecutable under the Criminal Code. According to current laws, in order to prove rape and forcible sexual contact with a minor age 13 or over, the prosecution must prove that the attacker threatened or used violence against the victim.

Dayum. Jp government really wants that birth rate up.

Riolis commented on Aging population
Apr 08, 16 at 5:05am

People goes to that pink industry even after marriage. Most japanese couple live a sexless marriage. I'm not sure if its dumb, but when you can't get sex from your wife, and you can't get married since your financial situation is not great (most salaryman have this problem). Its easy to go to that pink industry. And when you can get your release easily from that, why would you get married? when a wife and child will cost a bomb.

mick3 commented on Aging population
Apr 18, 16 at 7:00am

I agree with @ Cujo and @ Riolis theres career and expectation from different people in Japan and importing immigrants won't solve the problems in Japan's population it just add strain to their health care. look how that effect some of the other 1st world countries, the only idea I think they should work on which some are already are is keep working within the technology industry maybe in the future they can give every elderly person their own Robot like the film Frank and Robot(2012).

Also it takes a-lot of time to raise children and now Japan's a fast growing economic country, as well as the rest of the world it has to deal with the environmental factors of the planet so what I mean its probably best to work were they are maybe teach the older children to visit and help the elderly out in the school holidays or get children to clean the house so parents would end up with more time to visits the elderly at weekends or days off.

xynox commented on Aging population
Apr 18, 16 at 7:14am

That's not limited to Japan at all.
Girls don't want children since it only bears disadvantages for them (health, looks, money, career) and there's little support from anyone. I don't blame them as sad as it is. And I don't see any potential partners. Immature, afraid of responsibility, no ambitions... It's just pointless at this point. Might change with age... Might not. I don't advise child birth past 35. Risky for parents and children.

Apr 18, 16 at 6:14pm

I remember reading somewhere, that one of the main reasons Japan is in such crisis, it's because the way it's people started becoming less and less active on society. Like, youngsters do weird sht (like becoming full time Otakus) which makes them obviously, unable to find a gf if all of their time is exclusively dedicated to that...

Not only that, but, a large portion of the male pop seems to be leaning towards the "frail" and shy side, for a woman it's acceptable to be shy and good, but for a man, it severily hinders its possibilities to find a partner.

So in short... Guys are growing their balls at later ages or not at all.

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