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Apr 05, 16 at 9:47am

What color eyes do you like?

What's the color of your eyes?

Lastly, I want to get Hazel colored contacts. Do you think that's a good color?

Max commented on Eyes
Apr 05, 16 at 9:52am

Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Hahaha jk.
I like blue and green eyes most. I'm fine with whatever fits the person, really.

I have blue-greyish eyes.

Sure, do you want to use them daily? Or just for CosPlay? Because I wouldn't recommend wearing those daily. Didn't you have brownish eyes?

MewMew(─‿‿─) commented on Eyes
Apr 05, 16 at 9:58am

I do have brown eyes. I saw one guy pull off Hazel with the same skin tone. Everyone was going nuts over his Hazel eyes. I plan to us the daily or for a secret profession that I want to try.

Apr 05, 16 at 10:15am

I like purple, green, blue, or golden brown eyes. ^w^
My eyes are brown, but it changes to brown to light brown or dark brown depending on the lighting. :D

Sanfi commented on Eyes
Apr 05, 16 at 10:30am

Honestly, I really think it depends on the color of the hait the person has. Orange hair with green eyes can be very attractive for instance. My own eye colors seem to change over time. The were bright blue, but now they're mostly grey, sometimes a little black. I'm happy with that as I don't really care about the color of my eyes. The girl I like has light brown eyes with green edges, which is really amazing to see <3


I have blue eyes, green eyes are my favorite. Purple if it naturally existed.

❤FoxyLoli❤ commented on Eyes
Apr 05, 16 at 10:39am

I Have Brown Eyes :3

Apr 05, 16 at 10:45am

Favorite Eye Color in others? Dont know

My own: Oceanic Blue

What I would like to have Black/Red Heterochromic

Animekid commented on Eyes
Apr 05, 16 at 10:48am

Never really thought about my preference in eye color. My eye color is a bluish-green.

nickkehoe commented on Eyes
Apr 05, 16 at 10:59am

Blue eyes

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