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Dec 09, 15 at 11:04am

Let's about one of my favourite topics: J-Rock/Metal Bands or Artist! Let's share some good music!

Because of watching anime I learn to love J-Rock/Metal. I am a fan of rock and metal since my 13 years old, so it was amazing when I discovered this type of rock. It's not like the ocidental rock and metal, it's diferent, for me it's better.

So I will make a little list of the best bands/artists that I know

- Flow
- Girugamesh
- One Ok Rock
- Scandal
- Babymetal
- Ladybaby
- Nightmare
- JAM Project
- My First Story
- Asian Kung-Fu Generation
- 7!!
- White Ash!
- Stereopony


- Yui
- Nano

And there are many others that I don't remember and need to search. What about you?
You recomend some bands/artist?
Say it now! :D

Dec 10, 15 at 5:34am


show ya

and where's x-japan in the list? founders of the visual kei?^^


and togawa jun^^ (just becauws :p )

is what i can come up with from the top of my mind^^

Dec 10, 15 at 5:45am

BACK-ON is awesome too! :) I especially like their Strike Back which was used in one of Fairy tail's op.
But then again, it's One Ok Rock that I love the best! ^-^

Dec 10, 15 at 10:14am

Awesome! You have FLOW and Stereopony. I thought you wouldn't include Stereopony for some reason. about The Pillows? I've heard they're a good band. One Ok Rock is my favorite, though. I think my favorite song of theirs is Mikansei Koukyoukyoku or The Beginning.

Dec 10, 15 at 12:13pm

Of course I have Stereopony! I love that girls singing.
And thank you so much for your list, I will see every band.


Serpent -- Melodic death metal

SIGH -- Black/avant-garde metal

Ningen Isu -- Psychedelic/stoner metal

Eternal Elysium -- Psychedelic/stoner metal

Imperial Circus Dead Decadence -- Symphonic extreme metal

Blood Stain Child -- Melodic death metal with trance influences

Denkishiki Karen Ongaku Shuudan (aka. DenKare) -- Neoclassical power/heavy metal/electronica

(Funfact: the singer of this band might be the singer of Yousei Teikoku, but it hasn't been confirmed)

Yousei Teikoku -- Gothic/heavy metal/darkwave

Bridear -- Heavy metal

Tears of Tragedy -- Neoclassical power metal

I'll post some more when I remember them. :P

Dec 13, 15 at 1:02pm

OHHH Thank you so much :D

Dec 26, 15 at 4:39am

L'Arc en Ciel ... my J rock answer

Dec 26, 15 at 11:46am

Jan 06, 16 at 5:37pm

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, thats a good one I like, they used one of their songs in Hunter x Hunter, "chasing light"

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