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MMORPG Freaks.

Oct 03, 15 at 9:54am
I still play MapleStory but not on much because tired to open my laptop. If anyone play it can add me, only in Scania. My ign is Kiraihime.
Oct 16, 15 at 12:27am
Honestly, the only game I am pouring a decent amount of time into currently is Final Fantasy 14. Other than that I used to play most of those free mmo games for probably just a few days and moved onto something else.
I'll never play an mmo again, i shall forever be in mourning over the World of Darkness MMO that we almost got, damn CCP
Oct 17, 15 at 4:44pm
I'm offended wow isn't in that list.....
Phantasy Star Online
Oct 18, 15 at 4:50am
My first MMO and online game ever was flyff xD I played it for many years lol After that came Guild Wars (1), which I played a long time as well. GW2 only for a few weeks, got boring after a while for me. Since then I didn't play a MMO again. The prob is it eats time badly, so I prefer to play Smite with friends atm ^.^'
I've played most pf them, but i'm only sticking with Mabinogi, I've been playing that since it was first released, planning on making a fresh account once i get a group of people together. Who knows, i may record some stuff for Youtube with it at the same time.
FFXI - Cerberus server
Oct 22, 15 at 11:50am
No, never again. Been there and got severly addicted. Now I prefer playing offline.
Oct 22, 15 at 3:13pm
This account has been suspended.
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