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MMORPG Freaks.

I played World of warcraft a long time ago then i also used to play perfect world and some other that i forgot the name of xD now i just play Tera and sometimes mabinogi
Nov 02, 15 at 4:35pm
This account has been suspended.
My list could go on forever.
Nov 02, 15 at 11:26pm
Playing archeage only right now, Morpheus server.
Nov 03, 15 at 1:33am
Runescape. :^) But seriously I've been playing Warframe, that counts right?
Nov 03, 15 at 11:42am
Mabinogi - still kind of play when bored Aura Kingdom - was a beta tester so i still play Lucent Heart - every now and then SWTOR - i really should play again haha Eden Eternal - kind of still play
MMOs were never really my jam to be honest - sure I've gave plenty of MMOs a go but the main style of MMO just never appealed to me. I liked the ones that took elements from different genres like the hack n' slash genre of games - one of reasons why I really liked stuff like Vindictus and Rusty Hearts (Rest in peace Rusty Hearts) because they had that awesome, dynamic combat rather than the simplified cRPG-esque point and click style of doing things (Which works in singleplayer cRPGs because they're genuinely intriguing and in-depth games - it just never worked for me when it came to the MMO). The game I am VERY excited about though is Dragon's Dogma Online - I absolutely LOVED the original Dragon's Dogma, easily one of the best RPGs I've ever played and I've played a lot of them and I always wished it had a multiplayer component since the game seemed absolutely perfect for it. I just hope Capcom doesn't pull a "Only available in Japan" bullshit like they did with that one Monster Hunter Online game.
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