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Getting ignored, who doesnt love it?

I think many people been through this situation.. So what do you do?
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Move on and watch anime
Jul 18, 15 at 10:56pm
I'm assuming you are talking about this in relation to dating websites. Usually women don't have to deal with your message, but hundreds of others. Don't take it personally. It's stupid to wait for a response from a stranger or somebody you don't know well. Myself, I don't have the time to wait for a message back. The time you sit there waiting for a response could be time you spend messaging others.
Arc is right
Good point @Arc
It's not only on this site, but thanks though Arc. And thank you also Cory i'll use this advice from both of you.
Just keep it movin like Arc said.
You have to remember, on a majority of dating sites (including this one), the ratio of guys to girls is probably at best two to one. A lot of girls, especially new ones, tend to get jumped on pretty quickly by multiple friend requests and/or messages. That's a lot of stuff to sort through, and not responding is basically the simplest and easy way to say "I'm not interested in getting to know you". Now, would it be nice to get a response something along the lines of "hey, thanks for messaging me but I'm not interested in getting to know you. have a good one!"? Sure, it would be, but it's just not realistic unfortunately. Just take it as a sign of disinterest and move on. No sense in getting bent out of shape, especially with a girl who lives half a country away if she never responds to ya.
I work in the customer service field ... putting a smile on your face and greeting people to only get ignored is almost a part of my job description ... I think it builds character ...
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