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Fighter Games?

Apr 17, 12 at 11:29pm

Street Fighter, Tekken, BlazBlue, Skullgirls, I'm sure you've heard of games like these. How many of you guys play these games, and how many of you are like me, who not only play these games, but like to take these to a competitive level and enter tournaments? What's your favourite game in this genre? Do you prefer regular controllers, fight pads, or fight sticks? Nyeh, anything like this. XD

Apr 18, 12 at 5:29pm

Let's see....
I prefer:


and everything else with a controller.


I mainly enjoy,

Soul Calibur
Marvel vs Capcom

I like to play them for fun but I am also competitive in them. I like my controller but if I do have a fight stick I use that more.


for me,

mortal kombat
dead or alive

ever since i got my fight stick i cant play a fighting game without one im competitive in any fighting but not as competitive as when i play mortal kombat


I'm pretty good at Soul Calibur, right now I'm replaying the series.
I do play Soul Calibur V online. It's pretty fun making your own character and putting them on the battlefield.

I've also attended a few local Super Smash Brothers Brawl tourneys and bagged the prizes.

I play Tekken as well, but I'm not very good.

Also I suck at every 2-D fighter in existence.

;A; mercy.

May 02, 12 at 8:49pm

Melty Blood is really fun


i mostly stick to 2d fighters,i enjoy skull girls(even if it had only eight characters)right now i'm wanting for phantom breaker for the xbox 360.

May 04, 12 at 10:39pm

I'm horrible at but love most all fighters except super smash bros. I wouldn't consider myself professional at it just good since I can beat everyone I have played at it... Mostly because they play it less than me <_<

May 05, 12 at 11:08pm

I play street fighter, tekken and ultimate marvel vs capcom 3, but I only play ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 on a competitive level entering tournaments and stuff. I want to learn how to play with a fight stick but for now i'm using a regular controller. Smash brothers is awesome by the way

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