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Losing humanity

Jan 11, 12 at 11:16pm

I can't believe there's so much hate. I've seen so many death threats on the web saying "Kill all the weeaboos!" I don't think they've done anything wrong to deserve such biased hate. One of my friends was beat up because he cosplayed to school just for a project in Japanese class. Of course, I got suspended for 'starting a fight' with these guys the next day, because I can't stand what they did. Funny how they didn't even get in trouble. There is no justification for this type of behavior.

Everyone, please share your thoughts.
Why do people look down on the otaku community? What have we done wrong?

Jan 12, 12 at 1:36am

People still have a pack mentality, and at a subconcious level, anything outside the pack is treated as an enemy. It's quite often common for people like otaku to be very excited in their interests (such as cosplay) which can single them out as different, and so the usual response is derision. Just look at religion, even the most superficial of differences can cause centuries of bloody war, because the folks with the red hats see the folks with the green hats as outsiders, and a threat.
It's the same with any subcultures, just the more 'nerdy' ones are stereotypically the easiest targets.
It's not something that's going to change without a global shift in the collective-conciousness, where people stop pigeonholing groups and see ourselves as one giant pack of people, because ultimately we're all human.

Sobi commented on Losing humanity
Jan 13, 12 at 12:56am

Sadly Ducksfortea is right. Speaking from experience that does tone down a bit as you get older, at least on the Otaku front. My friends and I do get odd looks when we cosplay at places other than con, but nothing like that happens.

Jan 14, 12 at 6:13am

We aren't doing anything wrong, the community is not used to the Sub-Culture at all. Think of the other Sub-Cultures/Cultures that came before the Otaku Culture, they were made fun of, beaten, etc. Because it was strange to them, not known, and that by itself is weird to them.

Mop commented on Losing humanity
Jan 16, 12 at 3:42am

Well they might be taking the definition of Weeaboo or Otaku in a more literal manner. Both are very derogatory terms and when they are tossed around as nicknames lightly, people tend to think less of the people that bear the title. I had a very difficult internal battle about joining this site simply because of the name of it. Even now, I will not call myself a Weeaboo or Otaku, not because I'm ashamed, but because I honestly don't consider myself one based on the definitions.
There is also a stereotype that goes along with the words "Weeaboo" and "Otaku." I do not mean to offend anyone who reads this, but what I will say next might hurt someone's feelings. The typical stereotype includes someone who might be very fat or very thin coupled with bad skin and/or greasy hair. They would shop from Hot Topic and forget to bathe for a month. They try to mimic very peppy anime school girls by jumping on people, screaming odd things and invading personal space because they think it's cute, when everyone else just wants them to go away because they smell or something.
In reality, the person I have just described is what the definition of a Weeaboo/Otaku truly is when the words are used in a derogatory way, which is how most people outside of the Anime Culture view it because that is the book definition, not the definition the Anime Culture uses.
If you had a black friend and you called him "nigga, nigger, 'yo, what is up my niggs," it would not only reflect poorly on you for being a racist butthole, but it would reflect badly on the black guy because he appears to have no self-esteem or confidence because he responded to the names.

Mop commented on Losing humanity
Jan 16, 12 at 3:42am

I am Mexican American, and called "wetback" playfully by a few people. I refuse to respond to the name calling because it is not what I am. I am an American with hopes and dreams and goals. I am not someone who illegally crossed a river to sell oranges by the road.
So whenever Otaku or Weeaboo is said in a manner of affection, or worn as a proud title, I die a little bit on the inside. The Anime Culture is tight-knit group, and accept each other whole-heartedly. The rest of the world is not so kind. But that is humanity, and it always has been.
(Sorry for the essay, this is something I feel strongly about. I hope I haven't offended too many people)

Rosolicom commented on Losing humanity
Jan 17, 12 at 11:51am

i think what mop said is fair lables are not nice honestly being in the uk iv never had to much issue with such terms only time i ever hear otaku said is by my mum explainging my oddness in a way her friends and people she knows can understand cos all i think it is , is that people are scared of what they cant comprihend and what they are scared of they will belittle someone over becuase to them it is alien .... what i say is simply its their loss for not being as cool as all the anime and manga fans i know are and the rest are proabally far cooler than that ... your loss haters

Jan 21, 12 at 8:40pm

I've asked that question alot. Ive been made fun of all my life and It has taken it's toll on my mental state. now I am a monster unloved and unwanted

AlfredoER commented on Losing humanity
Jan 29, 12 at 11:30pm

I think the Anime-Culture group is seen in bad light because people regard us as being immature, odd, or dangerous. It's another of the classical "fear of the unknown" cases that occurs all through society. I used to proudly wear the title of otaku, and did not care what people thought about me, util the point that I realized that many good people did not speak to me because of misconceptions on their part. I think highly of this website since we don't have to worry about that blocking communication in the first place.

konad13 commented on Losing humanity
Mar 12, 12 at 11:24pm

It may just be me, but I've never really had anyone freak over my liking anime/manga/etc. The odd stare, the occasional wig out (You like anime too?!) and one person actually not knowing what anime was, but no hating or anything like that.

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