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What's age to you?

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Old_Reaper started What's age to you?
Feb 12, 15 at 2:40am

Me personally I prefer older, more mature and well-developed partners. This is because I'm mature for my age, and I don't get along with many women younger than me. I also prefer bigger breasts, and well-developed bodies. Everyone can appreciate a cute loli, but I wouldn't date a loli over a real woman.

To a degree, age can be just a number, but all of my more successful relationships have been with older partners.

Feb 12, 15 at 4:05am

I don't mind if they are younger or older than me some but they have to be on the same maturity level as I or it would never work out.

LaughingBATMAN_dD commented on What's age to you?
Feb 12, 15 at 4:38am
This account has been suspended.
ロイ commented on What's age to you?
Feb 12, 15 at 11:38am

A pedo preventing rule, in all honesty just a number

Crit commented on What's age to you?
Feb 12, 15 at 11:41am

I always keep in a certain distance of my age. I'm 20 now so I would only date between 18 and 25. There's exceptions to every rule but that's the general lining lol.

Feb 12, 15 at 11:46am

I prefer older women always have :/ but meh i wouldnt mind younger girls...just depends how young they are and if they act mature or not

Feb 12, 15 at 11:51am

I like younger or around the same age as me girls and older guys. Age though doesnt matter to much. It really depends on the person.

RainX commented on What's age to you?
Feb 12, 15 at 12:41pm

Being an older gamer/"oldtaku" already has you behind the eight ball a bit. Once you're north of 30 and the vast majority of girls who are into similar things you are tend to be well south of 25, the majority of which from my experience don't want to date someone 10+ years their senior if they're even looking for a relationship to begin with.

Being 34, my cutoff usually is 21, but I supposed I wouldn't be opposed to someone 19/20 if I felt we clicked pretty well.

Feb 12, 15 at 1:10pm

From my experiences. To me younger girls try too hard to be liked, so they always seem to come off awkward. Which I feel is a tendency for even young boys too. Helps shapes them into who they are. But I actually find that quite charming. Though it does screws up a lot of relationships. However older girls or women tend to be more comfortable about themselves, and what they like. Which I like that myself. When I'm with a girl I want to at my most comfortable. I also want her to be too. There are other factors depending on each girl. So... I'm torn between both. A long as she is cute and comfortable with the relationship. To me age is only a number. That's my honest feeling.

Feb 12, 15 at 1:17pm

:| older than me.

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