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Crazy girls

Do you like crazy girls uk the kind who are obsessed with you and or with a Yandere personality
Jan 07, 15 at 4:39pm
Too be quick and blunt, No and yes.
If an anime girl, I could say yes, but irl... Let's just say I know someone whose married a few... Not a pretty sight... So no.
Jan 07, 15 at 5:14pm
Thought I would, had three girls go yandere for me. One got expelled in middle school, was gross experience. The other was a online relationship that turned horrible when she somehow contacted all my gal friends irl, then threatened to commit suicide constantly, later discovered that she is bipolar. And lastly was a girl who obsessively stalked me every night and waited outside my apartment, she was actually really nice and timid, but I was scared shitless every night, I just moved away. Watch what you wish for, it all may sound nice in theory, but experiencing it is just creepy and stressful as hell.
^...Like I said in anime yeah, irl no... That's a whole new level of crazy- no! Insanity fits better...
From past experience: "Fucked in the head = Great in bed!" But since most girls like that are obsessive/compulsive, manic, bipolar, schizo, suicidal, psychotic, sadistic and/or masochistic or some combination; Its not worth the trouble even if the sex is good. And it was even worse for me because I usually tried to have relationships with such girls in the past.
Jan 07, 15 at 6:53pm
Yeah they're great. Mental issues don't really bother me and becuase I have trust issues I believe the obsessive clingy types would be easier to trust. It's a shame, but it seems like only guys who don't want them end up with them.
Jan 07, 15 at 7:12pm
I'd say that them being "crazy" mentally isn't entirely the issue. Patience and love can easily overcome that. It's only an issue when they aren't able to trust you, or don't respect your own feelings. That destroys your spirit in the long run. Otherwise a girl that happens to obsess over you, while respecting you at the same time it's all good. Also definitely would say that this goes both ways, however "crazy" guys are obvious creeps, and anime has happened to make "crazy" girls moe~ so seems more appealing. And @neet-one Trust issues be heavy, I myself am still recovering. So I get that.
Jan 07, 15 at 7:14pm
No. May depend
Jan 07, 15 at 7:56pm
Depends on the level on crazy.
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